July 21, 2024


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LVB subjects in Bac Pro 2024 – English, Spanish, German, Italian

LVB subjects in Bac Pro 2024 – English, Spanish, German, Italian

Vocational Modern Language Baccalaureate 2 (LVB) exam subjects will be available on the student website after the exam is released. Regardless of the language chosen by the final year student in this course (English, Spanish, German or Italian), you can consult them online after the exam.

Find out here Subjects of all Professional Bachelor’s Examinations in Modern Language B (LVB) upon releaseTest on June 14, 2024 : English, Spanish, German or Italian lessons.

LVB language test in Professional Bachelor It will be held on Friday, June 14 from 2pm to 3pm. The Subject of Bachelor Examination Varies depending on the language chosen by the student: English, German, Spanish or Italian.

Purpose of the test Compulsory Modern Language b The Professional Bachelor assesses your understanding of language or your use of writing in an exam lasting 1 hour.

For professional undergraduate students, the Coefficient 2 of Modern Language Test For most professional baccalaureates it is 2 (except for service specializations, where the coefficient is 3).

While waiting for professional bachelor results, consult Subjects of the LVB Professional Baccalaureate Examination English, German, Italian and Spanish below:

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