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Madonna’s free concert in Brazil on Copacabana Beach in Rio attracts more than 1.5 million fans

Madonna’s free concert in Brazil on Copacabana Beach in Rio attracts more than 1.5 million fans

  • Written by Noor Nanji
  • Culture correspondent

Video explanation, Watch: Madonna sings in front of a million people on Copacabana Beach

Madonna held a free concert in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday evening as crowds of fans flocked to see the pop star on Brazil’s famous Copacabana beach.

“Rio, we are here in the most beautiful place in the world,” she announced as the show began.

The show was the last stop on the 65-year-old singer’s celebration tour, celebrating the 40th anniversary of her music career.

It is estimated that more than 1.5 million fans attended the show.

“are you ready?” Madonna posted on her Instagram account seven hours before the show.

Image source, Getty Images

Comment on the photo, Huge crowds attended Madonna’s performance on Copacabana Beach

Crowds of fans were seen dancing to Madonna’s songs played over the speakers on the stage, hours before the American star’s arrival.

In what many described as a “historic” show, Madonna wowed the audience with multiple décor, costume and light show changes.

The signee performed some of her biggest hits, including “Nothing Really Matters,” “Like a Prayer” and “Vogue,” and was joined on stage by Brazilian singer Anita at one point.

Image source, Getty Images

There were giant screens along the beach, ensuring that the largely Brazilian public could see the action. There was also a large security presence to ensure the safety of all attendees.

The neighborhood was decorated with T-shirts, souvenirs and billboards bearing Madonna’s face as excitement built before the concert.

Since entering the UK charts with her album Holiday in 1984, Madonna has recorded 71 further hits, including 13 hit singles.

Some, like Vogue, Like Apray, and Ray of Light, are era-defining anthems. Others, like Live To Tell and Don’t Tell Me, are fan favorites.

Image source, Getty Images

Comment on the photo, Fans were anticipating Madonna’s arrival in Rio de Janeiro

Last year, the star was found unconscious in her New York apartment last June, and was taken to hospital, where she received treatment for a serious bacterial infection.

But she has since returned with full force and her tour has been characterized by her distinctive energetic performances.

The concert in Rio was the final touch to an 80-show tour across Europe and North America.

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