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Marion von Renderchem: Michael Barnier and English Philippester

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I am a Brexit fanatic – in the campaign that leads to victory, I think it was played out “Leave“In the June 2016 referendum, the manifestation of a historical event: a new style of politics based on the strategy of lies and thought, a modern populist social network suddenly made possible by the failures of globalization and the conflict of hysteria – for me, the” secret Brexit diary * of former European negotiator Michael Barnier ” Reads like a detective story.

We fully recapture the suspense of this illusory soap opera from the “big illusion” sold to the British people on the afternoon of December 24, 2020, to the divorce agreement that ended after four-and-a-half years of negotiations. Those who are no more passionate than me will find in this book an fascinating historical document about an ideological gear, which is well summarized in this response to Shakespeare’s King Lear, emphasized by the author: “Bring insane! Exclude reason!” With human nonsense and sad feelings, the brilliant and scholar Boris Johnson knows how to play with remarkably cynical skill by passing himself off as a madman and clown. It’s hard to imagine anything more mismatched than the Barnier-Johnson pair. On the one hand, an immovable Collist, very quiet, very loyal and a stranger to personal attacks, the French always yell in anger and boredom. On the other hand, a restless and “dirty child” conservative, he sees politics only as a permanent race and has not lost any twisted move to get there. The strength of Boris Johnson is the beauty of his steadfast faith: when he loses a battle, he forgets the first one like a magic trick and finds a way to win somewhere else. Significant vaccination campaign lies about Brexit, its disastrous management of Govt and various corruption allegations targeted, to win back, especially in former Labor strongholds, local elections May 6 in the UK.

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Barnier-French Dictionary

Very polite mr. To understand Barnier, it is necessary to use a multiplier coefficient for the defects he has assigned to his British counterpart. He wrote: “I wonder if the Prime Minister will make a” good decision “and what the failure of our negotiations will really be, for example, on September 7, 2020, Underestimating, After learning in the press, Johnson pulled out a bill on the domestic market from his hat that Europeans were on the verge of betrayal. The British, in fact, derailed some points of the withdrawal agreement. “In the end, they’re ready for anything,” continues Michael Barnier, who recalls the “false stories”, “lies”, and the outrageous caricatures of another period campaign of “the height of cynicism and enforcement” among the Brexit. When referring to the “political flippery” of the British government, the Barnier-French dictionary translates using the amplifier coefficient of the Bourneresque interpretations. It equates to saying it very simply: “Boris Johnson is a thug who violates the contracts he has signed, does not respect anything and lies like a toothpick.”

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“It doesn’t work like that”

Through a “Philipster” led by the British government, Michael Barnier knew that the sealed agreement after 1600 hours of negotiations would mark the end of the adventure, and Brexit promised to divert us for a long time. . As of December 24, 2020, he warned that “the outcome of the follow-up is as important as the negotiations” and he was not disappointed. Future relations between the European Union and the United Kingdom “are already declining.

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From Northern Irish to British fishermen, the feeling of being betrayed by Brexit’s “great illusion” is causing violence again. Downing Street took unilateral action on Irish protocol and fishing grounds, culminating in the pathetic scenes of British warships stopping on Jersey Channel Island. “Mr Johnson is now discovering the consequences of his underestimated Brexit,” Mr Barnier said. “It is a loss, a loss for us, but for them. , It doesn’t work that way. ”

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* Great illusion. Secret Brexit Journal (2016-2020). Callimart.



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