April 12, 2024


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McDonald's customers are unable to order after systems crash

McDonald's customers are unable to order after systems crash

McDonald's is facing technical issues in its restaurants, with customers in several countries reporting their inability to order food.

In Japan, the fast food chain confirmed a “system malfunction” and asked customers to “wait for some time” to restore service.

Social media users also complained of issues in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Austria.

McDonald's has not yet commented on the extent of these problems.

Downdetector, a system used to monitor IT issues in companies, noticed a spike in issues with the McDonald's app in the UK from around 05:00 GMT on Friday.

Other posters in Australia on the social media channel Reddit reported major disruption.

Ted Anderson, previously posting on Twitter, said he went to a restaurant in Japan to find “just cash and the staff counting the totals on paper.”

Social media user Esther Guerke said McDonald's Germany is 'broken', and 'it appears to be the same in Austria'.

In New Zealand, user X said Jermaine van Rooyen: “McDonald's outage is crazy. Went tonight and drove through the place + all the kiosks were down. A system that can fail nationwide is bad but across multiple countries too!? Crazy.”

McDonald's Japan, which operates about 3,000 stores in the country, said: “There is currently a system failure. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask that you please wait for a while until service is restored.”

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