June 19, 2024


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Metaventures is strengthened by English studio Dubit, Racheter et Merger

Jean-Charles hair, Managing director of the named Lyon Group, runs the real estate business. But as an amateur pop-rock musician, the occasional dyed blue or pink-haired guitarist met in 2020 for a personal project English Studio Dupit. With over a hundred developers in Leeds, Mexico City, San Francisco and Washington, he specializes in creating games. Roblox , In metawars – this digital universe is overflowing with virtual worlds Method By Facebook, a dubbed client, is renaming itself as Meta .

With the ambition of being the “first artist to be launched in Roblox”, the publisher has measured the potential for “the greatest metawares” by producing three releases of his album, a comic book and a game. It should also be noted that “there are no advertisers in this media who use 200 million personal players per month, teenagers between the ages of 10 and 18”. And finally Buy Dubit eight million dollars in October.

“Billions of Visits”

Dupit joined the company Created March 2021200 million euros independent of the listed real estate group. Its mission is to “support companies across all sectors in harnessing the marketing and communications capabilities of Metawares”. But not by sending advertising banners that destroy the fastest games: “Prize money and interactive live music and fashion events through e-sports competitions, with professional quality. “

Dubit, the Etex partner of the most serious universities, is already emerging Mattel , Disney or Lego Experience games with their products. His works on Roblox have accumulated “billions of visits”. The studio has been testing since July, with only 1,000 players banned in the beta version, with the first Metawares gaming league officially launched by Christmas. A costume rehearsal of the Best MetaVentures project: Miles’ organization brings together “millions of players in one or two weeks” around a fashion week, mono or multibrand, games and concerts for “great interactive live events”. New collection or new product.

Launched in January

“L ‘The function is already self-funded. “The head of MetaVentures has signed dozens of deals ranging from 500,000 to 3 million euros next year, with telephone operators, apparel brands, record companies, audiovisual teams …” A manufacturer will release a smartphone and car manufacturer. .

“With over twenty years of experience in the development of virtual worlds, Dubit is our strong hand to talk to brands that want to be in the metawars,” says its new owner. The studio had a turnover of 7 million euros in 2021 and the 2022 forecast is fifteenth, “not even counting the growth of the metawares gaming league and miles”.

Jean-Charles Capelli plans to raise another 30 to 50 million euros to increase the appeal of Metaventures with the “aggressive policy” of gaining successful games on Roblox. “Developed by teens in their late twenties, they are less exploited,” he said. “You can multiply their value by ten. “

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