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Michigan vs Wisconsin fight: Joan Howard isn't the only party to blame for the big sporting weekend

Michigan vs Wisconsin fight: Joan Howard isn’t the only party to blame for the big sporting weekend

This weekend was the first of the year that college basketball gave the stage to itself without the NFL looming over everything, as it always has. So what’s the big story coming up this weekend with the NBA in all-star break and no more football to please the fans?

Is it great again Gonzaga Revealed for getting #1 on the February Selection Committee shortlist? Really Auburn Take a sudden loss in FloridaWhich in turn shook the Gators’ frayed NCAA Championship hopes? Really Kentucky And the kansas Continue to appear as contenders for the title, or it might be Texas Tech Continuing a stellar streak in its first season after leaving a hated Chris Beard Texas?

Obviously none of these things.

joan howard beating Wisconsin Joe Krabbenhoft’s assistant in the head The The story, though, is that this disaster is more than just one man’s assault on another.

Howard isn’t the only one at fault for the ugly spectacle that erupted at the end of Wisconsin’s 15th win, 77-63. Michigan Sunday afternoon.

Howard is one of the top coaches in sports on one of the biggest sports programs. It will be the bulk of this story, the pivotal part that will likely receive a severe punishment like everyone else. he has to. that’s fair. The coaches are meant to be role models for their programs, and Howard failed in that mission on Sunday.

What happened in Madison, Wisconsinit was an embarrassing show that got made worse because, bafflingly, Howard didn’t retract his actions or apologize for doing what he did when he spoke at the post-match press conference.

“I didn’t like the lead time they called, and I’m totally honest with you,” Howard said. “I thought it wasn’t necessary at that moment, especially with it being such a great pioneer.”

Frustration extended through Sunday to Howard and Michigan, who both entered the watershed of this game needing a win to maintain positive bubble condition after what was one of the most disappointing performances by any team this season. The Wolverines were ranked 14-11 in the top ten in pre-season. But it has been rocky since the first week. Michigan lost its home to Seton Hall On November 16, her longest winning streak was three matches, which happened only once. Howard’s third year was tense.

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An exposed nerve was pressed into Madison. Howard said it was the fact that “someone” touched him that “escalated” the situation. Still, until we don’t hear remorse yet This kind of scenes It was a shocking display of arrogance. His boss, Michigan Athletic Director, Ward Manuel, clearly disagrees with him.

It would be important to know what Krabbenhoft said or did to cause Howard’s reaction. Our footage does not explain this part of this story. Krabbenhoft was not immediately exonerated, and neither was Wisconsin coach Greg Jard, who got his hands on Howard first in the handshake line as the Michigan coach tried to get past him. Then Howard pointed at Jared and touched him again. The words escalated the situation, then accused Krabenhoft. What did he say to Howard or someone from Michigan to get Howard to rush in?

CBS Sports has reached out to Krabbenhoft to clarify his role in the matter; The suspension was postponed out of respect for Jared and Wisconsin Athletic Director Chris McIntosh.

“There is no place, no place for behavior like this in any competition, let alone in the Big Ten competition,” McIntosh said at the post-match party. “The Big Ten takes pride in sportsmanship. The Big Ten takes pride in representing the class. That didn’t happen today.”

The coaches of both teams are to blame. Wisconsin wants to put everything on Michigan, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Lots of adults act like moody kids on Sunday afternoons.

“Prompt and appropriate disciplinary action” coming from the Big Ten, in a league statement.

If you want to know what really started this, well, reader, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that your ego is to blame. It was a laughable mixture of masculinity and pride that ignited the match for this fiasco. A few coaches (not from Michigan or Wisconsin) who spoke on the back for CBS Sports on Sunday explained what happened versus what should have happened.

If Howard didn’t tell his players to press the entire field, if Jared didn’t ask for a timeout to respond to that press, none of this would happen. “Game code” or some nonsense was not adhered to in this case, so both coaches got into their feelings.

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With the game in hand — Wisconsin led in double digits with less than 25 seconds remaining — Howard decided to keep it up and have his buddies guard 94 feet against the Badgers’ backups, who were having their trash moment. Ineffective. The scrubs weren’t equipped or equipped to handle them.

In college, you are allowed to invoke a timeout and reset the 10-second clock to bypass the timeline of the ball in the middle of the field. That’s why he made the call — to compensate for pressure and reset the clock, Jared said. Howard has the right to print, and Jared has the right to demand a reprieve to counter the immediate effects of that press.

The damned match score was 76-61, with less than 20 seconds left. What the hell are we doing here?

Howard’s reasoning for being angry about the caves per se. If he thought the timeout was unnecessary because the match had already been decided, why was he pressing in the first place?

So, both coaches adjust to the formation of the handshake line. Howard felt he had to tell Jared that he wasn’t happy. Howard started the altercation with a comment he had to make sure he could hear Jared.

“I will remember that,” Howard said in his and Jared’s novels.

Jared could have let Howard say his peace and blow it up. He must have it. But he stopped Howard and made the mistake of laying his hands on Howard.

To hear Jared say that, he was going to explain to Howard resetting the 10-second clock. In Jared’s mind, Howard – who lived in the NBA until he got a Michigan job less than three years ago – may not have realized that the rule was different in college. But that doesn’t give Howard enough credit.

What’s more, wouldn’t Phil Martelli, who has coached for decades and is Howard’s chief aide, have at least reported this to Howard during the break? In addition, Jared was quickly excited as well. He was shining from that press. It’s not without fault as it hardly greases the situation.

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And from there it turned from a quarrel to a noise. Krabbenhoft got this combination (to protect Jared? His players? That’s not clear). Howard was turned on and then the players started squabbling.

It could have been worse. Michigan players Moussa Diabat Terrence Williams can be seen throwing hands. The same is true of Wisconsin Jahkobi Neith. They will all likely be suspended. A Wisconsin worker took this moment to implement an affirmation—perhaps to the point of having practiced it in many a mirror over the years— A D-Generation X “crotch clip” that will go down in lore.

Howard responded in the way he did, but not without precedent. He had to be prevented from pursuing him Maryland Coach Mark Turgon during last year’s Big Ten. He has not been commented for that. For this it will be. Multiple games. If it was for the rest of the season, that would be fine.

Some are calling for Howard to be fired. The Michigan administration can do as it pleases, but that would likely be a step too far. Howard does not need and does not deserve to be fired for what he did. Another incident like this, sure enough, is likely to go. Two confrontations in two years doesn’t quite amount to trending, but it’s also not a good sign. University, sports can never have this again.

Two things can be true at once. It’s fair to say that if he didn’t catch up to Howard Krabbenhoft, the situation wouldn’t turn out to be the biggest news story in the sport on Sunday which also included the NBA All-Star Game, Daytona 500 and Genesis Invitational. It’s also inaccurate to put every fighting error solely on Howard.

If the Big Ten handle this as they should, then blame and penalties will not only fall on Howard’s feet.