June 25, 2024


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Microsoft outage affects online search on Bing, Copilot, DuckDuckGo, and ChatGPT

Microsoft outage affects online search on Bing, Copilot, DuckDuckGo, and ChatGPT

Microsoft’s massive outage affects Bing.com, Copilot for web and mobile, Copilot on Windows, ChatGPT internet search, and DuckDuckGo.

The Microsoft outage began around 3 a.m. EST and appears to have mainly affected users in Asia and Europe.

According to user reports And in our tests, if you try to open Bing.com, you’ll see either a blank page or a page with an HTTP code 429 error. However, Bing search still works if accessed directly. For some reason, the outage only affects the home page.

Bing’s office and co-pilot
Source: Bleeping Computer

To use Bing, Go to this URL And search as usual. it will work. However, Copilot is completely offline whether you use the website, app, or Copilot in Windows.

It’s also important to note that Internet search ChatGPT and DuckDuckGo have similar issues because they use the Bing API.

DuckDuckGo refuses to load search pages, and displays an error message: “An error occurred displaying search results. Please try again.”

While Microsoft has yet to comment on the outage, OpenAI has confirmed issues with ChatGPT’s online search in an update on its site. Support page.

This is a developing story.

Update 1: Microsoft has confirmed an issue where users may not be able to access the Microsoft Copilot service. “We are working to isolate the cause of the issue. More information can be found in the Administration Center under CP795190,” the company said. It was mentioned in a post on X.

Update 2: DuckDuckGo is back online, but Bing.com and Copilot are still having issues. in new updateMicrosoft added that it continues to isolate the root cause and “move requests to alternative service components to speed up the service recovery process.”

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Update 3: Microsoft telemetry indicates that the service is continuing to recover. “We are actively investigating the underlying cause of the issue and will take further mitigation measures as necessary,” the company said. male In the latest update.

Update 4: Bing and Copilot are back online, but Android, iOS, and Windows apps still won’t load.