May 19, 2024


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Middle school students from Salonas have mastered learning foreign languages

Middle school students from Salonas have mastered learning foreign languages

The connection of the municipality to the land of Dante is unquestionable, with the Tuscan Municipality of Agliana and its dedicated advisory board, the Italian cultural fortnight organized every year in January, Italian courses for adults with Italiano Vivo. For over ten years, Collins has established a 6th grade assessment class at Durance College: Italian and English.

The Italian teacher, Michele Stanghellini, emphasizes the importance and meaning of learning this language from the sixth grade: “Italy is the third economic partner of France after Germany and China, but the first partner of the Paca region, not to mention its cultural wealth, which no longer needs to be proven.”

Anticipated learning

As part of the presentation of this English and Italian option, Michael, the teachers of these subjects and Leticia Botella, a first-time English teacher, recently spoke to the CM2 classes at the Frédéric-Mistral school, but also in the city of Alains.

What clearly differentiates this option is that it includes three hours of each modern language from 6th grade to college entry, including a major modern language program, English only at Mallemart, and four hours per week.

This expected learning allows for deeper mastery of language skills. Emphasis is placed on cultural penetration through language: essential cultural features and country peculiarities, traditions, customs are observed.

The two authors talk about an option aimed at children interested in discovering other cultures and ways of life, which includes a heavy workload. A “Individual work is required, which should not be neglected, but often offset by the fun and motivating side of these subjects”.

Balance classes allow students to have a very similar level of two modern languages, while at the same time, have more time to master Italian from the 6th grade. This large number of hours allows students to immerse themselves in a true linguistic bath, a highly valuable learning experience.

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Letitia Botella, who chose an approach to numbers, English in this case through a group game at school, explains the importance of her existence: “It’s true teamwork. PhilQ terms emphasize the importance of learning two modern languages ​​side-by-side. This allows students to develop mental nuances and progress quickly.”

Travel to Florence for 3rd assessment in 2024

Michael Stanghellini, for his part, establishes a dialogue with the CM2 students, discussing transsalpine trips already taken as a family before highlighting possible school trips. “We usually offer a trip this year at the end of 3rd grade, like Venice or Florence.“It also states that it is not necessary to have Italian ancestry to apply for this option.

The fun aspect of learning is quickly implemented through a game where children are asked to find the colors of the Transalpine flag through a dish, a souvenir, a soundtrack. Both authors have finally chosen to offer a real path to excellence in a foreign language, which will allow, In the endTo get high rank in both languages.

Interested students are invited to think carefully about the relevance of this family record and then complete an application form supported by personal motivation. Enthusiasm for this option was already palpable. In 2023, for the first time, the balance sheet option was forced to reject applications.