June 18, 2024


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Middle school students have fun learning English

Pickles, an English-speaking theater troupe, went to college with professional actors for the 14th time to play with 3rd graders there. Hot Sput Written by Arnaud Cramoisan.

High quality one hour show in English. “The play was written and adapted for Grade 3 so that students could understand the plot and its manifestations. Before the group arrived, clarify the summary of the play, especially the vocabulary.Christine Perial, the English teacher in charge of the project, explained that while nothing unusual was happening in their small village in Ireland, its original nature was to allow multiple students to participate in the plot on the basis of friendship that connects aliens and two friends. . “They learned their roles by heart so they were able to play with the actors who had rehearsed just before the show.Refers to the author who sees in this immersion A different way to learn English while having fun. It should bring English culture into the company. Because in English the emphasis is on real communication After the show, the college students and actors exchanged questions / answers.

The college benefited from the participation of the Community-Education Center (FSE), which was able to provide the program free of charge to students in the Beckmill Room.

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