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Molly Shannon choreographed the Jonas Brothers as Sally O’Malley

Molly Shannon choreographed the Jonas Brothers as Sally O’Malley

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The Jonas Brothers are shedding their wholesome image — and adding a hip sister to their lineup — with the help of SNL host Molly Shannon.

The comedian and “SNL” star played the Jonas Brothers’ newly hired choreographer, Sally O’Malley, during the “Saturday Night Live” sketch that found musical guests for the evening. Searching for an artistic perspective that reflects their mature image.

“The boys feel like they’re not the Tinyboppers anymore, and they’re about to start their residency in Vegas, so they want a more mature stage show,” band director Ross (Kenan Thompson) tells choreographer Grito (Chloe Fineman). Turbo (Buen Yang).

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Enter Shannon’s O’Malley, a spirited 50-something in a red frilly shirt and matching stretchy pants. When Turbo asked what she might contribute to the group, O’Malley wasted no time listing her vital qualifications.

“Experience five decades of Dirty Dancing and the Red Pants,” O’Malley said. “I have half a century of sizzling in my madam’s schnitzel. … The Grand Canyon ain’t got me none.”

With Greto and Turbo still suspicious, the Jonas brothers back down to defend their confidence in O’Malley’s vision. “We came in because we had a feeling they might not understand your new concept,” said Nick Jonas.

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Nick, along with brothers Joe and Kevin Jonas, undressed to reveal red frilly tops and pants that matched O’Malley’s outfit. The band then broke out on O’Malley’s signature “kick and stretch and kick” set.

After Nick fails to keep up with O’Malley’s nimble move, Joe and Kevin offer O’Malley a place in the band.

“Do you know any of our songs?” Kevin O’Malley asked, and she replied, “Absolutely not, I’m 50.”

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