April 21, 2024


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Montague.  Theater in English at Olympe-de-Gouges High School

Montague. Theater in English at Olympe-de-Gouges High School

Workshops and Theater Performance in English: A Life Learning Experience at Montec High School.

Recently, in the lively hallways of Olympe-de-Gouges High School in Montech, Ms. Morales Cuella and Ms. Cloris' first and final LLCE English Specialization (Foreign Languages, Literature and Civilizations) three classes participated in a lively English drama. Workshops by La Falaise, a bilingual organization based in Bordeaux that offers programs in English.

Designed to immerse students in the finer points of the English language through dramatic expression, students enthusiastically participated in these workshops. The organization contributes to students' artistic and cultural education by allowing them to explore Shakespeare's works through a series of interactive exercises, role-plays, readings and staging of scenes.

Develop self-confidence

“Students not only improve their language skills but also gain a deeper appreciation of cultural nuances,” said Ms. Cloris explained. The program aims to make students culturally open but also to develop their self-confidence. They thought at first sight they could handle and voice 16th-century English.”

The various techniques offered to students will allow them to better approach various oral exams, including the Grand Oral, the main test of their undergraduate assessment.

“One of the main goals of these workshops is to create a dynamic learning environment where students feel empowered to express themselves freely in English,” Ms. Morales Guella continues. “Students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and explore language creatively and engagingly by participating in dramatic activities such as improv games and scene reenactments.”

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Students were also able to meet and interact with theater professionals.

The session is at the heart of the educational support work undertaken by teachers and cultural partners to sustain the foundation of theater and literary culture. At the end of the three-hour workshops, all the students interpreted “Romeo and Juliet” in English and performed in beautiful performances.

The stage is set for an upcoming experience of learning and fun with the arrival of a second English-speaking theater group, the Pickles Company, which will perform in front of high school students and middle school students from Montague Institutes. Organizing teachers believe in participating in transmitting and giving their students a taste of drama, the English language and the culture of the English-speaking world.