April 18, 2024


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Mountain. The English will be coming to the resorts soon!

The smartest and most stubborn ski enthusiasts across the channel were able to avoid fate by going through Switzerland and Italy.

But since December 18 it had been a last-ditch effort and the government’s decision to close the border to the British imposed fines on international stations except for compelling reasons.

According to the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes Tourisme, their attendance during the holidays has dropped by almost 70%. With Matignon’s press release, good news came this Thursday morning.

Since Friday, all Citizens of Great Britain can come to France if they give a negative test within 24 hours. At altitude, this announcement is enjoyed as the best New Year message. “Finally our customers can return to France,” said Alexandre Moulin, president of the Domains Skype de France (DSF).

The same relief on the side of the National Association of Mayors of Mountain Resorts. “This is good news for revenue, attendance and especially for the English. Customers of our resorts will definitely like these,” said Jean-Luc Boch, president of ANMSM, who greets La Plagne City Councilor.

While the increase in French customers can partially offset the loss of attendance during the holidays, consumption in international resorts in relation to their absence can be estimated at 10-15% of lost turnover.

This action will not have an immediate effect as bookings and transit routes will be canceled. “Some people are willing to get in the car no matter what,” Jean-Luc Boch exclaims. Most stations involved by British customers, with 12% activity nationally, expect revenue from the end of January.

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