April 24, 2024


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MyPillow, owned by election denier Mike Lindell, faces eviction from its Minnesota warehouse

MyPillow, owned by election denier Mike Lindell, faces eviction from its Minnesota warehouse

street. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A court plans to order MyPillow vacated from a suburban Minneapolis warehouse it previously used, but the company's founder and prominent election denier… Mike Lindell He said Wednesday that this is just a formality because the owner wants the property back.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Lindell denied that the eviction was another sign of his financial problems. He said his financial picture is actually improving after last year's credit crisis crippled MyPillow's cash flow after the company It lost one of its main advertising platforms And it was Dropped by several national retailers.

“We're fine,” he said.

Lindell I had a setback last month When a federal judge confirmed A $5 million arbitration award For a software engineer who challenged data that Lindell said proved China interfered in the 2020 US presidential election and tipped the outcome in favor of Joe Biden. Lindell admitted in January that Fox News had stopped running MyPillow commercials amid a billing dispute.

Lindell confirmed Wednesday that MyPillow owes about $217,000 to Delaware-based First Industrial LP for rent for the facility in Shakopee. MyPillow no longer needed the space and removed its remaining belongings from the warehouse last June before subleasing the space to another company until December, he said.

Another company was going to start subleasing the space in January, but backed out and “left us all stranded,” he said. MyPillow offered to find another tenant, but the landlord just wanted to regain control of the warehouse instead, he said. He said $217,000 is for unpaid rent for January and February. He also said MyPillow continues to rent space elsewhere.

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the The Star Tribune reported A Scott County judge said Tuesday that she would grant the warehouse owner's request to formally vacate MyPillow, but she did not object to the owner's request.

“MyPillow has more or less been vacated but we want to do it by the book,” attorney Sarah Filo, who represents First Industrial, said during a hearing Tuesday, the newspaper reported. “At this stage, there is confirmation that no further payments will be made under this lease, so we would like to move forward with finding a new tenant.”

Lindell, who continues to spread Lies of former President Donald Trump That the 2020 election was stolen from him, in part by rigged voting machine systems, he continues to face defamation lawsuits by two voting machine companies. The lawyers who were originally defending him in those cases Quit unpaid bills.