June 22, 2024


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Natalia Grace's New Adoptive Mother Speaks Out After Docuseries Fallout – The Hollywood Reporter

Natalia Grace's New Adoptive Mother Speaks Out After Docuseries Fallout – The Hollywood Reporter

Natalia Grace's adoptive mother, Cynthia Manns, has opened up for the first time following the shocking revelation in the series' Season 2 finale. The Strange Case of Natalia Grace.

In a recent interview with American SunCynthia shared that her family is actively working on their issues after she claimed to see troubling behavior from their daughter.

“We're absolutely perfect. No, she doesn't live with us but we're fine,” she told the outlet, adding that Natalia is “currently living with friends,” but they still keep in regular contact after their fallout was revealed in the bombshell finale of ID's docuseries.

Although Cynthia admitted it has been “difficult” since the show aired, she said “with God, we will make it.” “I am in prayer.”

The show was a follow-up to the 2023 docu-series, which focused on Natalia's adoptive parents, Christine and Michael Barnett, and their claims that the Ukrainian orphan, who was diagnosed with a rare condition of dwarfism, was actually an adult and terrorized their children. family. (It was revealed this season through DNA testing that Natalia is approximately 22 years old, meaning she was approximately 9 when she moved in with the Barnetts.)

Although Natalia's new adoptive parents, Bishop Antoine Mance and his wife Cynthia, took in and supported her in the wake of the scandal, in the season finale of the television series. The Strange Case of Natalia Grace: Natalia speaks outThey claimed that she was now wreaking havoc in their lives.

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Six months after adopting Natalia and just weeks before the Season 2 premiere, the Mann family contacted the show's producers, with Cynthia claiming their daughter was “stabbing her family in the back with a complete lie.”

“Something is not right with Natalia,” Anton can be heard saying in an audio clip in the latest episode. “This girl is making amends.” I feel like she is the enemy of the house. She told us: We held her hostage.

He later added: “We're done. We're done with her.”

After the end of the season, Natalia too Shared on social media She wrote that she was safe and wrote: “I am safe and well and thank you all for your support and prayers.”