July 22, 2024


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Nets’ Ben Simmons Deals With Back Pain, Strengthening Area Needed, Reports

Nets’ Ben Simmons Deals With Back Pain, Strengthening Area Needed, Reports

A new obstacle arose when it comes Ben SimmonsBack to the action game of Brooklyn Networks. In addition to working to overcome the mental health issues that have kept him from playing one game this season, Simmons is also dealing with some back pain in the process of rejuvenation, according to Shams Al Shaaraniya Athlete. Further reinforcement of the area would be needed before Simmons could knock it out on the ground.

There’s still no set timeline for Simmons to make his Nets debut, but the good news for Brooklyn is that the issue of Simmons returning doesn’t look particularly serious, with Steve Nash rating it as a “wrench” and calling it a byproduct of the fact that Simmons didn’t play since last season.

“It’s not like an injury. It’s just that he’s playing his back a little flabby…but it’s not a long-term thing.” Nash said. “He hasn’t played a game since July. June? So I guess that’s just part of his process of getting back to play. And as you play, you’re somewhat prone to certain things, like with soreness or tightness in the muscles. He’s having a little tightness. in his back.”

In addition to Simmons, the Nets were also without Kevin Durant Because of the MCL sprain, but it seems to be back at the corner. Together with Durant and Keri IrvingSimmons expects to be a key factor in any success the Nets can have for the rest of the season, so the sooner he gets off the field to gain some familiarity with his new teammates, the better for Brooklyn.

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