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Nicole Collette is a writer who likes to pass on her knowledge

Nicole Collette is a writer who likes to pass on her knowledge

Nicole Collette likes to write according to her inspiration. For her, writing is a creative work. © Carol LaDoch

Nicole Collet, retired teacher, lives in Tirepied-sur-Sée, between Brecy and Avranches (Manche). Studied English at Avranches For the Archaeological Society of Avranches. “I had so much information, I couldn’t do anything with it. Over the years, through my work, I learned Shakespeare’s language. It seemed important to me to send. »

English in Normandy This theme was close to his heart, especially because it was topical. “We have one History repeats itself, with Brexit. The British come to France to live cheaply. The English And this The Normans There are Very close from William the Conqueror. He spent part of the year in England and another in Normandy. ItsLocal history. »

A fictional plot for “English Cold Case”.

So she decided to write it as her first book. The British are very peacefulPublished in 2006. After 16 years, in November 2022A Second book seems, And above all, don’t forgetAn “English Cold Case”.

“After my first book, I translated English books, especially books on diet. Three big books came out. I promoted my first novel in Caen, Cherbourg, Vire and it was exhausting. Second, I do it for fun. »

to Write his storyHe needed it A year : Research, Development (Grammatical and Vocabulary Language, Spelling).

She found one A fictional plot. The story takes place atSummer 1944, around the time of D-Day. The German army rushes from Brittany to the Sea Valley. “It’s surrounded by the remains and landings of this Second World War. The distillery I talk about in the book is near Bracy, where something is hidden. »

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Nicole Collette is not looking to tell the truth.

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I want to see the impact these events have had on different generations. Children of parents who experience this have difficulty dealing with their parents’ emotions. I rely on real facts with fictional characters. My goal is to reach the affected generation and the following. This book questions: What happened to the generations following these events? In this book, the mother passes on elements of her life to her son. He recalls his family’s bravery. The titles are intentionally intriguing. The message is, in this second, above all else, don’t forget that your father did something like this.

In the first book, Nicole Collette put it His courage. She admits that personal matters are there. “I realized it later, and I say to myself that it finally has its place. »

To the teacher, to write is a Creative work. “I can spend 4 hours writing. Stop writing for 2-3 days and start writing again. »

She currently works for her 3e ThreadIt will be related to the year 1935.

Available at Avranches at Leclerc, Press House and Mill et Une Pages bookstore.

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