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Occitania.  Learn English with English speakers, but staying in France is possible

Occitania. Learn English with English speakers, but staying in France is possible

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All teachers say. To learn a foreign language, nothing sinks in. But still Immersion doesn't always mean staying abroad. A companyAveyron Proposes thus Improve your English without leaving Occitania. Explanation.

“French and learning languages, it makes two. According to an Ipsos survey, only 19% of French people consider their English satisfactory, and 50% of them do not speak the language at all, or speak it very poorly,” summarizes Nacel.

An Aveyron group

NasalIt was an adventure started in 1957 by two language teachers in England, combining language courses and excursions with accommodation with an English family. Pioneers Others soon followed.

The company is owned by the group today Go live, Rodes (Aveyron) Professional training specialist Keepschool and includes CLCThe French leader in the language sector stays for young people.

Shorter, less complicated and cheaper

“For rapid and steady progress in foreign languages, intensive language stays are very useful: students listen and speak the language from morning to evening, experience To the beat of a foreign familyDiscover a country's customs and traditions, in short, the benefits are countless,” Nacel naturally adds.

Therefore, one cannot stay abroad to put theoretical knowledge into practice. Apart from the fact that it is sometimes complicated, it is time consuming and it is very expensive.

Native English speaking families

So, a new formula that allows you to learn English (or improve your skills) without leaving France. Staying in this region without even leaving Occitany. And not just among English-speaking people. but within native English-speaking families. What Occitania does not lack, does it In Aveyron, Tarn or Gers For example.

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A “reassuring” alternative. But what's more, it is accessible to children, teenagers and adults through three different programs.

Three projects

so, The 11-17 years old Offered to live at the pace of an English-speaking family. On the one hand Individual individual lessonsaccording to their status, but participation in activities (Visits or excursions) in order to locate the region when “practicing English in a less formal way”.

Another formula is intended For adults and professionals. In the program: Personalized General English courses adapted to the learner's level, with two course intensities to choose from (10 or 15 hours per week, Monday to Friday). Courses are taught by a member of the host family, and the learner must take a placement test online before departure to adapt the course content.

Finally, Nacel also offers accommodation to students and young professionals who want to excel in their competitive exams. Prepare TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication). In the menu, 20 hours of comprehensive lessons Immersion week, which includes 20 hours of video lessons outside of the immersion week. Here too, lessons are taught by a member of the host family.

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