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Of course Anna Sorokin made $340,000 selling her terrible, no good, very bad art

Of course Anna Sorokin made $340,000 selling her terrible, no good, very bad art

After trying to climb New York City Social ladder As a wannabe German heiress, can notorious con artist Anna Sorokin make her way back out of prison as a real, wait for it?

A convicted con artist, who goes by the name Anna Delphi during her rough escapades, appears to have found a new passion–making and selling her own prints from her Lower East Side apartment while under house arrest. So far, she’s earned $340,000, according to New York Post. Works include original paintings and drawings, priced from $250 to $250,000. Lawyers and entrepreneurs in technology and Saturday Night Live She reportedly blames Chloe Fineman among her clients.

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Sorokin, whose crimes inspired him in real life Netflix a series Anna innovationShe was eventually charged with grand larceny and theft of services in 2019. She served three years in prison and was released early in 2021 due to good behavior. She then spent 17 months in an immigration detention center after previously overstaying her visa Put them under house arrest this october. While in custody, the Russian-born fraudster went so far as to host an art show featuring a collection of illustrations she dug up during her time at the correction facility. She even made a surprise virtual appearance on the show, which was titled “The Alleged” and was held at the Public Hotel in New York City.

Sorokin is currently represented by art dealer Chris Martine of the Founders Art Club. Tell the post Together they sold “prints to 40 or 50 countries”. The works themselves include pen and pencil drawings on “contraband watercolor paper” created during her imprisonment. Most often, Sorokin and the things she owns (or desires) are the inspiration for these pieces. Martin explained to the post. In case you forgot, Sorokin actually studied fashion illustration while attending Parsons University in Paris.

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Anna Delphi Art Basel Miami

Most recently in December, the famous con artist unveiled her latest collection during the Art Basel Miami Beach fair. The show, called “House (Arrest) Party”, was a collaboration between Sorokin and The Locker Room gallery in New York. It consists of new works using acrylic and canvas. Although Sorokin wasn’t in person, for obvious reasons, she still connected via Zoom for a Q&A. Or perhaps it was to befriend a wealthy socialite.

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