April 20, 2024


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OpenAI investors push for Sam Altman to return as CEO: report

OpenAI investors push for Sam Altman to return as CEO: report

OpenAI’s board of directors is reportedly receiving criticism from investors over the decision to terminate the employment of its CEO, Sam Altman.

According to According to a November 19 Bloomberg report citing people familiar with the matter, several investors in OpenAI — the artificial intelligence (AI) company behind ChatGPT — are said to be in contact with its largest shareholder, Microsoft, in an attempt to bring Altman back as CEO. .

On November 17, OpenAI announced the dismissal of Altman as CEO, with Mira Moratti, its chief technology officer, taking over the position.

In a blog post, the board claimed that Altman’s communications lacked clarity and honesty, making it difficult to gain a comprehensive understanding of operations.

Thrive Capital, which is expected to lead an employee stock offering, has reportedly not yet sent money, and Altman’s departure is expected to impact its course of action.

Thrive reportedly wants the board to re-engage both Altman and Greg Brockman, its boss, who left on Friday shortly after Altman was fired from the company.

Brockman announced his departure after it was revealed that Altman had been excluded by the board of directors.

“Based on today’s news, I have resigned,” Brockman announced in a letter. mail On X (formerly Twitter).

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Following the news, three of OpenAI’s senior researchers, Jacob Paczucki, Director of Research; Alexandre Madre, Head of Preparedness; Simon Sidor, senior researcher, passed away.

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Meanwhile, reports indicate that Altman is willing to return to the company, provided the current board steps down by the end of the weekend.

Furthermore, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella reportedly expressed his support for whatever decision Altman made, given that the board’s decision was also a surprise to him.

However, since Altman’s firing on Friday, recent reports have emerged state He is developing a new artificial intelligence project, according to familiar sources. Furthermore, reports indicate that Brockman will join Altman in this project.

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