March 3, 2024


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Oprah Winfrey reacts to Taraji P. Henson's viral comments about pay concerns

Oprah Winfrey reacts to Taraji P. Henson's viral comments about pay concerns

Oprah Winfrey has shut down rumors of her feud with “The Color Purple” star Taraji P. Henson.

Henson, 53, went viral after she broke down in tears last month over the unfair pay disparities black women face in Hollywood, claiming she had to “fight” to reach production level. Supply drivers To transport the crew to the film's location, social media users began accusing the billionaire businesswoman of not interfering.

In new Interview with Entertainment TonightWinfrey, 69, who is also an executive producer of the musical adaptation, spoke about “the whole Taraji thing” at the Golden Globes.

“I heard I was popular yesterday. People were saying I didn't support Taraji,” said Winfrey, who played Sophia in Steven Spielberg's original 1985 film adaptation of Alice Walker's 1982 novel. “Taraji will tell you herself I was the greatest heroine In this film, I stand up not only for the behind-the-scenes production, but also for everything everyone needs.”

She continued, “Whenever I hear there's something that people need — I'm not in charge of the budget because this is Warner Bros., this is how the studio system works, and we as producers, everyone gets their salary that's negotiated by your team.”

Winfrey insisted to ET's Kevin Fraser that any time she “hears there's a problem with cars” or concerns about “food” on set, she “will step in and do everything I can to make it right.”

She double-claimed that Henson “will testify to this and say it is true.”

The former talk show host continued to address gossip that she and the “Empire” alum were stationary during a photo call for the film's cast at the Empire State Building last month.

Winfrey said what social media users interpreted as an uncomfortable moment between the two in the matter Viral clip It was a result of the cold weather that day as everyone tried to stay warm.

“There is no validity to them being A something “Between me and Taraji,” Winfrey shared.

Representatives for Henson did not immediately respond to HuffPost's requests for comment.

Henson, who plays jazz singer Shug Avery in the 2023 film The Color Purple, also cleared the air of rumors after speaking out about Winfrey's leadership on Instagram.

“Ms. OPRAH has been nothing less than a constant and solid beacon of light for all the cast Violet!!!” I wrote Last month. “She provided encouragement, guidance and unwavering support to all of us.”

“The Color Purple” is currently in theaters.

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