March 1, 2024


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Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year 2023: ‘rizz’: see what it means

Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year 2023: ‘rizz’: see what it means

There are two camps when it comes to knowledge of the word “ris,” which was named Word of the Year by Oxford Dictionaries. Those who have been using it for a while and will know about its existence by the end of 2023.

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The publisher of the famous Oxford English Dictionary has designated the slang word “ris” as the word of the year 2023, synonymous with success in the art of seduction or seduction, which appeared on social networks and was particularly popularized by actor Tom Holland.

According to Oxford University Press, a shortened version of the word charisma, “ris” means “style, charm, seduction, ability to attract a romantic or sexual partner.” of the week.

This term, now also used in French, appeared in social networks in 2022 and was particularly popularized Streamer American Kai Senat has millions of subscribers on YouTube and Twitch.

An interview with Tom Holland

Its use has exploded since last June, after 27-year-old actor Tom Holland. spider man, used it in an interview with Buzzfeed. “I don’t have any rice,” he said.

Dating sites and apps have picked up on this in an effort to attract users from “Gen Z,” the segment of the population born between 1997 and 2010, Oxford University Press describes in a press release.

The institute explains that the word “riss” is “an interesting example of how language is created, created and shared within certain communities before spreading more widely.”

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“It speaks to the way younger generations are creating spaces,” he adds, “in both online” and face-to-face exchanges, “where they own and define the language they use.”

To name the word of the year, the company first established a list of eight final words, including “swifty” (a fan of American singer Taylor Swift) or “prompt” (a word referring to an instruction given to an artificial intelligence program). It is.

The public was invited to vote before the experts decided on the top four words in this massive poll.

Last year, only public votes were counted, and the word chosen was “goblin mode,” which describes an attitude or behavior that defies social expectations and was difficult to translate into French.

In 2021, Oxford chose the word “vax” and in 2020, an exceptional year marked especially by the COVID-19 pandemic, decided to choose several other words, including “coronavirus”, “incarceration” and “black lives matter”. In 2019, he maintained a “climate emergency”.

One more word to keep in your vocabulary!

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