February 23, 2024


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PACK 2023: English Lessons for High School Students Abroad (LLER).

PACK 2023: English Lessons for High School Students Abroad (LLER).

The specialization of foreign and regional languages, literature and cultures was chosen by around 70,000 students this year, with the majority favoring English, but also German, Spanish, Italian… Baccalaureate specialization exams for 2023 will be held next week in mainland France. (Monday 20 March to Wednesday 22 March) The first lessons for the 2023 undergraduate course have fallen for students writing exams abroad: Tuesday 14 March for English.

Coefficient 16, the specialty “Languages, Literature and Foreign and Regional Cultures” represents a large part of the score of undergraduate students, like all other specialties (32% for 2 specialties). Here is the title you need to edit:

English Examination – Bac 2023 – Overseas Centres

Below is the material and an excerpt from the lesson

Subject 1

The topic is related to the theme “Art and Conceptual Debates”.

part 1

Read the above theme and documents A, B and C and complete the following instructions in English (approximately 500 words):

Taking into account the specifics of the documents, it analyzes the ways in which dance is presented and the reactions it evokes in different audiences.

Part 2


Translate the following passage from Document C into English.

The use of a non-monolingual encyclopedic dictionary is approved.

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Find topics and answers posted on our site in connection with next Monday and Tuesday’s city events.

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