May 30, 2024


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Palace will not publish review to deal with Megan’s allegations of bullying | Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

A senior palace source said the Buckingham Palace investigation into allegations of bullying made by staff against the Duchess of Sussex will not be published due to “confidentiality” obligations.

It was independent review Announced in March 2021 To find out “lessons that can be learned” after Meghan allegedly fired personal assistants and “humiliating” workers on several occasions.

At the time, the palace said any changes to policies or procedures recommended by the review, which was conducted by an independent law firm, would be published in the annual sovereign grant accounts.

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But there were no details in the accounts and officials declined to comment, except to say changes were made to the palace’s human resources policy as a result of the review. However, they refused to specify the changes.

Sources have not confirmed whether the Duchess herself was interviewed as part of the process. Meghan’s lawyers denied the allegations when they were made.

A senior palace source said: “Human resource affairs involving individuals are private matters and those who participated in the review did so on this basis, and therefore they have the right to confidentiality regarding the discussions that took place, and what was said.”

She added that the palace is not obligated because the review was funded internally and not through public money from the sovereign grant.

The source denied that the palace had moved the goalposts, and said that the goals “have been achieved because lessons have been learned.” Asked if Meghan had learned of the report’s findings, the source added that individuals who participated in the review had been informed that it had been completed, but added: “I won’t say who was involved.”

The reluctance to publish the results may be an attempt not to escalate tensions between the Sussex family and other members of the royal family, particularly after The last family reunion which saw Harry and Meghan travel to the UK for the platinum jubilee with their children: Archie, three; and Lilipt, one.

A royal source said the couple are now financially independent, which is a “huge asset to them”. Prince Charles’ accounts reveal that his bill for the activities of William, Harry and their families, along with other capital expenditure costs, fell by £1.2m over two years, with the Sussex family not included in the accounts. The amount dropped from £5.6m in 2019-20, when the Sussexes were still in the UK, to £4.38m as Charles stopped funding it. But the percentage of this decline, which was due only to the departure of the Sussex family as members of the royal family, is not detailed.

Charles had his first “very emotional” meeting with his granddaughter Lillibit, and his long-awaited reunion with grandson Archie during Jubilee. The source said of the Sussex: “The Prince and the Duchess [of Cornwall] Thrilled to see them.

“The Prince, of course, had not seen his grandson Archie for some time, so it was very special to spend some time with him. He had not yet met Lily, his granddaughter, and meeting her was very emotional. Very wonderful.”

There was little clarity in the accounts about the financial arrangements in Sussex regarding Frogmore Cottage. she was It was announced last year that the couple had repaid £2.4 million in sovereign grant money Spent on renovating the property before their wedding. On Wednesday, a source said the £2.4m paid by the couple also covered their rental obligations for the property, which is still their home in the UK. But the source declined to comment on whether the Queen or Charles contributed or contributed to any rental or maintenance costs, saying only that nothing was paid from the sovereign grant.

Accounts for the year showed that Charles’ annual private income from the Duchy of Cornwall was £23 million. It rose by £2.6m, or nearly 13%, from £20.4m in 2020-21 as the Duchy’s earnings rebounded after the pandemic. He paid nearly £5.9 million in taxes.

The sovereign grant increased marginally by £400,000 to £86.3 million during 2021-22. A major component of £51.8 million funds the official functions of the Queen and her family, and an additional £34.5 million has been earmarked for the ongoing 10-year Buckingham Palace reservation project.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Controversial Tour of the Bahamas, Belize and Jamaica It was the most expensive overseas trip at £226,383. Charles’ visit to Barbados to celebrate the country’s transition to a republic within the Commonwealth was the second most expensive, at £138,457.

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