June 25, 2024


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Patrick Mahomes denies reports that his fiancée and brother were banned from playing games

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Someone was pushing the idea that the quarterback bosses Patrick Mahomes He asked his fiancée and brother Jackson not to attend matches in the future, as Patrick considers their antics a distraction. On Friday, former NFL player and current radio host Rich Orenberger posted a tweet pushing this specific claim. Patrick Mahomes responded with a tweet of his own.

“Just all of you making things These days 😂😂😂,” Mahomes said.

Orenburger Tweet deleted. He made it clear that he thought he had been hunted.

“I cannot validate the information I posted on Twitter earlier today regarding Patrick Mahomes and his family,” Orenberger said via Chron.com. “The source from whom I received this information was masquerading as someone I trust. I will delete this tweet later today with the original thread. Please pass this along.”

While it’s unclear if Ohrnberger was the victim of a prank or something else, someone recently sent my son a similar text message, apparently thinking they were writing to me. (As the anonymous tip mentioned, Mahomes told them they won’t be allowed to play on the field next season, not that they’re banned from games.) We have ignored that. Given that Ohrnberger almost told me about the exact thing someone pushed me, it looks like someone was trying to spread a false narrative about the Mahomes. And they finally succeeded in getting someone to bite.