May 20, 2024


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Penske suspends Cindric and other senior employees over IndyCar scandal

Penske suspends Cindric and other senior employees over IndyCar scandal

Among them is his right-hand man, Tim Cindric, who is head of all of his racing operations, along with long-time managing director Ron Roszewski. In total, four people were suspended for the next two races, including the Indianapolis 500.

“I realize the magnitude of what happened and its continuing impact on the sport to which I have dedicated so many decades,” Penske said. “Everyone at Team Penske as well as our fans and business partners should know that I apologize for the mistakes made and I deeply regret them.”
The integrity of Team Penske has been called into question by the track after IndyCar officials disqualified St. Petersburg race winner Josef Newgarden and third-place finisher Scott McLaughlin for illegal use of a drive-to-pass system in the season opener last month.

Their teammate Will Power’s car also had the same software, which resulted from a coding change during hybrid testing that was not removed when the 2024 season began, but the data did not find him guilty of using it illegally. He was deducted 10 points, while all three were fined $25,000 each and their prize money was forfeited.

The violation was not found until last weekend’s round in Long Beach, and disqualifications were issued 45 days after the event.

After conducting a full internal investigation into what happened, with many at the track stating off the record that they did not believe the statements regarding the circumstances of the situation, Penske has now reacted.

Newgarden’s race engineer Luke Mason, the man given much of the credit for his 2023 Indy 500 success, and a senior data engineer, was also suspended for two races. He will be without them as he tries to defend his Indy 500 crown.

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Joseph Newgarden, Team Penske Chevrolet

Photography: Josh Tunisia / Motorsport pictures

A statement from Penske read: “Following the penalties imposed on the Team Penske INDYCAR team and drivers following Long Beach, Team Penske has completed an internal review.

“After a full and comprehensive analysis of the information, the Penske team has determined that there are significant failures in our internal operations and communications. As a result, Luke Mason [No. 2 Race Engineer] And Robbie Atkinson [Senior Data Engineer] He will be suspended from Team Penske for the next two INDYCAR races including the Indianapolis 500.

“Plus, Ron Roszewski [Managing Director, Team Penske INDYCAR] He will also be suspended for those two races, along with Tim Cindric [President of Team Penske]which assumes responsibility for all Team Penske operations.

Cindric posted his own statement on the Team Penske

“It is our responsibility to provide the team and all our drivers with the correct processes to ensure something like this does not happen. For this I apologize to Roger, our team and everyone who supports us.”

He added: “Our first mission is to protect and enhance the reputation of our brand and those that support us. In this regard, as Commander-in-Chief, I have failed and must raise my hands and be accountable to others.”

“This is a team, and in my position this is the right thing to do.”