June 25, 2024


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Pete Carroll says it’s too early to tell if Geno Smith can play next week

Pete Carroll says it’s too early to tell if Geno Smith can play next week

The Seahawks played Sunday without Geno Smith, who was inactive with a hip injury.

Smith practiced before the game and afterward the Seahawks decided to suspend him for the day.

“He ran a little bit and threw the ball, but He couldn’t goSeahawks coach Pete Carroll said after the 28-16 loss to the 49ers, via John Boyle of the team’s website. “He couldn’t go in one direction with any confidence. If he could, he would have played for sure. He had quite the right mentality, and he came out early today and had an intense practice. He got a lot of things under control, but he didn’t have it. He didn’t have it. “He didn’t have the ability to push in one direction. That’s classic for a hip injury. So, it wasn’t right to throw him out there under those circumstances. He didn’t cancel it. He had me call him. He wanted to go.”

Carroll said he doesn’t know yet if Smith can return for next Monday night’s game against the Eagles. It could be another decision at game time.

“He couldn’t play today,” Carroll said. “He wanted to go out there and hit him, but it was right not to play him. We’ll just have to go day by day and see how he goes and see how much he comes back.”

Drew Lock made his first career start for the Seahawks and went 22 of 31 for 269 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions.