May 26, 2024


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Philip and Christopher, The “so British” method of teaching English

Philip and Christopher, The “so British” method of teaching English

For a large number of French people, English is a foreign language. It makes its vocabulary, its grammar, its use of irregular verbs and above all its pronunciation impractical, incomprehensible to anyone who has not had the opportunity to learn it as part of the school curriculum or to practice it with their family or in the English-speaking country in general. In many more situations, France and abroad can provide and facilitate access to a wide range of information, such as business or social relations, friendships or multiple relationships.

Thus, the initiative of the two real lessons of His Most Merciful Majesty deserves special mention and encouragement. The first is from Manchester, one is Philip Burns, a doctor, and the other is Christopher Booth, a nurse.

Twenty volunteers

Having been on vacation since 2005, and then from 2018 onwards, as they became their main residence, they live in Bordeaux and integrate into the community life of the city.

Members of the local Sports and Recreation Association volunteer to teach their mother tongue to about twenty volunteer students who are divided into two groups each Thursday.

The first was made up of teenagers and the second by confirmed adults. Far from classical schooling, these “teachers” try to accustom these local practitioners to their mother tongue by cultivating distractions, pastimes, and pleasures of their own or adopted country.

This is the lotto game they hosted this Thursday, they love it “Coordinating efforts” During aperitifs or tea parties and celebrations on July 14th or Christmas, they are allowed to diversify their knowledge and give their school students the British accent, to suit their age.

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