February 23, 2024


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Piers Morgan says Kate and Charles were called out over alleged skin color comments

Piers Morgan says Kate and Charles were called out over alleged skin color comments

Why did Harry find out about the Queen’s death from the BBC?

Harry wrote in additional He received no response from William when he texted to find out how his brother planned to get to Scotland from England to be with their ill grandmother at Balmoral on September 8, 2022, so he booked his own British Airways flight and went himself. As they landed, Harry checked his phone and saw a text message from Meghan asking him to call as soon as possible and alert BBC News of the Queen’s death.

While he was in the air, according to game overHis team tried to persuade the palace to delay making the death announcement until Harry had been informed personally by the family.

A source close to the family told Scobie: “They literally had to beg them to wait for his plane to land, and they reluctantly agreed to postpone the briefing for a while.” But Harry’s plane had to be grounded for some time due to stormy weather, during which time the Palace sent the release.

According to Scobie, any subsequent reports attributed to palace sources saying that Charles told Harry the news before the world found out, or at least tried to contact him, were just the royals trying to save face. (Harry also makes no mention of any such attempts additional.)

“They could have waited a little longer, it would have been nothing in the grand scheme of things, but no one respected that at all,” one of Harry’s friends told Scooby.

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