June 17, 2024


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Pittsburgh Steelers QB Kenny Pickett declares low kick after loss

Pittsburgh Steelers QB Kenny Pickett declares low kick after loss

Orchard Park, NY – Looking for a place to throw the ball late in the fourth quarter during Sunday’s 38-3 loss, Steelers quarterback Kenny Beckett He climbed to the touchline at High Mark Stadium with the Buffalo Bills defender Chuck Lawson Hot in pursuit.

When the rising quarterback got rid of the ball, Lawson ran low, tackling Pickett down his waist to bring him to the ground. Beckett intercepted the kick and pushed the defensive end as he rose himself off the grass.

Beckett didn’t stop there, and briefly pursued Lawson until she stepped in to the left Choco Okurafor The rest of the attacking linemen of the Steelers intervened to break up the quarrel.

“From my point of view, it felt like he went behind my knee after I threw it,” Beckett said. “That’s it. You know, nerves flared up. I don’t care, I’ll keep playing until the last game of the game. That was it. It’s all right with me.”

Beckett was evaluated from the penalty spot for unnecessary roughness, while Biles defensively on AJ Epenesa, who jumped in a scrum after his start, was marked for unnecessary roughness and sent off. Lawson left the game soon after and screamed back onto the field as he walked into the locker room. He refused to talk about the post-hit game.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin backed the quarterback’s response, calling it “appropriate”.

This wasn’t the first time Beckett had taken extra contact in a Steelers loss. Beckett, who completed 34 of 52 attempts for 327 yards with one interception early in his career, also hit a Buffalo defensive back. Hamlin destruction When he entered the bracket in the third quarter. Hamlin came where Beckett was already coming down a slide, and the Steelers’ offensive line man James Daniels He jumped into Pickett’s defense and pushed Hamlin after the play, resulting in a minor clash between the two teams near the Bills sideline.

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Officials said the strike was a “legal procedure” and that Daniels whistled for unnecessary harshness. After that, neither Beckett nor Tomlin had a problem with Hamlin, one of Pete’s producers and Beckett’s college classmate, but they thought Hamlin should have been called to harass the driveway.

“I had a problem that the officials didn’t have a problem, not necessarily Hamlin,” Tomlin said, later referring to his Pittsburgh connections using the local area code. “I love Hamm. He plays at 412A. He plays hard. He’s a good kid. I had a problem with the fact that he wasn’t managed in a way I expected.”

While Beckett threw for over 300 yards and had several completions for over 20 yards on his debut, the Steelers only managed a three-point attack after going 0 for 4 in the red. kicker Chris Boswell He also missed two field goal attempts, and the Steelers scored their worst loss since dropping their 1989 season opener to the Cleveland Browns 51-0.

“Point blank, we didn’t put the dots,” Beckett said. “That’s the number one thing. We have to be a lot better in the red. I felt like we moved the ball, but we couldn’t finish it. It’s something we have to fix quickly and get back to the drawing board here on Monday.”