July 22, 2024


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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players have turned the game into Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players have turned the game into Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Eleni Thomas

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players have found a way to turn the game into a fun, new Tony Hawk simulator thanks to the new Indigo Disk DLC.

First released in 2022, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the latest addition to the long-standing franchise that revamps what many know and love about the Pokemon experience. With a fully realized open world and more exploration than ever before, the game completely changed what many knew about the franchise.

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While the game was riddled with game-breaking bugs and glitches at launch, over the course of over a year Scarlet and Violet has managed to correct these issues and prove more popular than ever.

The Indigo Disk DLC, which was released on December 14, 2023, comes with a sync feature that allows players to control their Pokémon.

And while this may not have been the initial goal when the developers brought in the new feature, players are now turning their Pokémon into skaters, turning the game into a kind of Tony Hawk simulator.

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To unlock this feature, players must head to the Central Plaza in the Terarium and once there, you will have the ability to control your own Pokemon.

In light of this, players have been sharing clips of Pokemon skateboarding online, and these clips have spread across TikTok and other social media platforms.

Twitter user PokeDoodles Posted a video of the game. While playing as Gholdengo, the player shared a montage of them smoothly skating around the world on a golden skateboard. PokeDoodles captioned their video as “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater: Pokemon Edition.”

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Many fellow Pokemon players posted in the comments section, sharing their disbelief that this feature is “real” and asking “how does one do this?”

“Catching shiny ones like this would be so much fun, come on Pokemon,” another wrote.

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