February 23, 2024


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Police: Jorge Masvidal fractured Colby Covington's teeth in alleged street attack, faces possible felony charges

Police: Jorge Masvidal fractured Colby Covington’s teeth in alleged street attack, faces possible felony charges

Surrounding details Jorge Masvidal Alleged attack on Colby Covington They began breaking out after two UFC opponents were involved in an altercation late Monday night.

On Tuesday, Miami Beach police released a report regarding the incident that named Masvidal as a suspect. Covington’s name has been omitted because he was the victim, but multiple sources confirmed to MMA Fighting that Covington was the victim in the altercation that took place outside Papi Steak Restaurant.

According to the police report, Masvidal is facing a possible felony battery charge from the incident.

Upon arriving at the scene, police spoke to Covington, who told them he had been “attacked by Jorge Masvidal”. Covington claimed he walked out of Papee’s Steakhouse and that Masvidal “ran towards him from his left and without warning punched him twice in the face with a closed fist”.

The report stated that Covington was hit once in the mouth and that the other blow was in his left eye. Covington said he heard Masvidal say, “You shouldn’t have been talking about my kids” during the attack.

Covington added that he saw “three or four other unidentified men” approaching him in an “aggressive manner”, so he turned away before running “back to Papy’s Steakhouse, where he called the police.”

During the alleged assault, Covington fractured his left front tooth and had a scrape on his left wrist, according to a police report. Covington added that he recognized Masvidal by the sound of his voice, as well as recognizing his hair sticking out of his hood, as the UFC welterweight was allegedly wearing a blue surgical face mask with a hood raised over his head.

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Police obtained security camera footage of the incident and wore body cameras while speaking to Covington and other witnesses to the altercation.

Masvidal released a video late Monday night that appears to reference the brawl after it occurred.

“Call this show your face challenge,” Masvidal said. “What’s the matter, I’m from Dade County. You’re talking about this *** you have to back it up. That’s how my city goes.”

He followed this up with a message on Twitter early Tuesday morning that appeared to refer to what he allegedly said to Covington during the incident.

“Good morning everyone except for those who think it’s cool to talk about someone’s children,” Masvidal wrote.

The situation between Masvidal and Covington turned turbulent after they had already faced each other in UFC 272 The main event is in early March. Covington won the fight by unanimous decision and has continued to mock Masvidal across social media in the days and weeks since the event ended.

At the UFC 272 post-fight press conference, Masvidal stated that he intended to settle his grudges with Covington outside the cage after the former UFC interim welterweight champion called up his children during the lead-up to their fight.

“He’s still a person if I saw him on the streets, I’d give him everything I had to break his sweet jaw,” Masvidal said. “It doesn’t matter if I lose wrestling tonight, I still think he’s having sex with ******.”

No formal charges have yet been brought and Masvidal has not been arrested at this time.