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Preparation for Progress, Certificates, Cambridge Exams

Preparation for Progress, Certificates, Cambridge Exams

EHe begins the discussion at this point by immersing us in the history of the centre, founded in 1988 by his Scottish mother and a trained teacher. He decided to create this framework initially dedicated to learning English for children. Over time, the training extended to adults and professionals, especially when her husband joined the company in 1997, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge of the field of large industrial companies. A few years later, retirement came, and with it, the question of succession to this family business resonated. The two Duratan sisters said yes to the adventure and prepared for it for two years, during which they memorized the house, as did all the apprentices.

The Sisters ensure they have a network of qualified practitioners, most of whom are native speakers: English, Scottish, American, often with completely different professional backgrounds, to use to better adapt them in the development of their practice. Customer’s functional department. Other languages ​​include Italian and Spanish, although English represents 95% of training requests. Pragmatics, we say, is the origin of the history of this language center.

From students to individuals looking to take advantage of their Personal Training Account (CPF) to companies looking to train their teams, a wide range of profiles express their desire to improve their English. These profiles include local companies in the Gironde that operate in sectors such as the pharmaceutical/chemical industry, aeronautics, finance or information technology, but also public administrations. Sometimes, the Center wins public contracts. Hamilton House is also a member of CanSpeak, a network of independent language training centers operating in national markets. However, back to CPF. With the rise of this method, many people prefer to practice during their free time in the evening or lunch break. We see a real craze for training, which has become almost essential to getting promoted or landing a new contract. There is a need Certificate Training in English A significant increase in the number of applicants for the Cambridge examination sessions organized by Hamilton House, a reference center in New Aquitaine, has been witnessed. Why this growing demand for language certification? Demonstrating English skills is now a must to get into a school or university is much easier. Passing the Cambridge University Exams or checking a position in the TOEIC or LinguaSkill exam allows you to gain international recognition of language proficiency, and this diploma can sometimes make a difference in a candidate’s file.

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In most cases, it is the training or human resources departments who take the initiative to communicate Hamilton House, have already identified the training needs in their organization. The training offered by Hamilton House does not follow a pre-established model but adapts to the reality on the ground. Trainers establish their training programs based on the trainees’ language skills, needs and objectives. The central objective is to ensure that training is always effective and relevant. Course methods vary: face-to-face or video, individual lessons, pairs or groups. Sessions are scheduled in advance or from one week to the next, depending on learners’ schedule constraints. For employees who need to improve their skills or who urgently need intensive training in English to participate in a conference or undertake work involving English or another language, trainers are available. Like they helped an employee apply locally for a role in the US. The student was motivated and absolutely wanted an English certificate to get a job, recalls Charlotte. He came twice a week and went from A2 to B2 in three months. He actually got the job, Charlotte tells us.

Charlotte and her sister Emily are tasked with matching the best coach with the right coach, who are familiar with their coaches’ expertise and know who to delegate new tasks to. By working with them, trainees feel truly heard, which enhances their learning experience. They appreciate the intercultural approach of the trainers, which puts them at ease and removes the fears that hold them back in learning English. Thinking back to what they knew at school, they quickly realize that a completely different education is being offered here.

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Training takes place at the institute or at Hamilton House. The center offers intensive weeks where a group comes to their campus for a week, lunch with a coach. Another way to return to English with one goal always at Hamilton House: efficiency and friendliness!