June 19, 2024


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Producer Yoshida announced that English language dubbing will be a priority in Final Fantasy XVI

Announced with great fanfare last year, Final Imagination XVI However, it is not planned for now: the next RPG of the owner of Square Enix is ​​not ready to complete its development, but the latter seems to have progressed without problem to hear the updates of the teams behind the title.

We recently learned that the dubbing sessions for the game are coming to an end, as revealed in an interview with producer Naoki Yoshida on the YouTube channel Reading TV Final Imagination XVI Preference for English voices, production of characters and facial expressions.

English voices come first

Thus, the movements of the lips of the characters FFXVI Synchronized with English voices, it also enjoys a British accent that goes hand in hand with wonderful medieval contexts.

“I’ve been working on Final Fantasy XIV for 8 years now, but I’ve never been to a dubbing session. It has my principles in it. I think it would be hard for voice actors if the producer came and said different things about the sound director so I don’t go to dubbing sessions.

I didn’t even go to the final Fantasy XVI voiceover recording sessions. Because I am not in charge of the story. When writing meetings, I express my views, “I think we need to change the sequence of this conversation, Clive, considering the emotions of the protagonist …” Although the team is very accommodating in taking my advice into account.

This time, the English language dubbing sessions go first. We decided to focus on British English. We also need to record facial expressions. We could not manually run every scene of a scene. So this time we are going to do full face catching movements and add upper voices. However, this is not just about cut scenes. So this is also one of the reasons why the English version came first. We will be launching the Japanese version soon. “

Intended for PlayStation 5 only, Final Imagination XVI There is no launch horizon yet at this time.

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