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Project of Foreign and Regional Languages, Literatures and Cultures – English, First General Contemporary World

Project of Foreign and Regional Languages, Literatures and Cultures – English, First General Contemporary World

What do you learn from LLCER English in the contemporary world?

Special education English, Contemporary World Aims to create awareness among students The diversity of the English-speaking world. This teaching will give you an in-depth study and Perspective of language, cultures and communities English speaking area and Questions about its main issues Social, economic, political, geopolitical, cultural, scientific and technological.

Learning Language and Reflection Language will be two major issues of your school year. Will be English Worked in all its aspects (Vocabulary, Grammar, Phonetics, etc.) and all kinds of activities (from discussion to written production) so not only do you practice Communicate fluently, But you know how to express yourself in a subtle way. You will achieve your growth this year Readability, Your Critical sense, Your Analytical mind And yours Autonomy Among many other things!

Rather than having to work your way up the strict educational pathway, Contemporary English LLCER also offers to keep you interested News From the English-speaking world.

Practice with our lessons and answers

To review well and put contradictions on your side, find out all Adjusted for subjects and General Bac and Technical Bac.

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Premier Year Plan

In the Premier class, your LLCER will address the year Two themes They are divided into study areas:

Theme 1: “Knowledge, Creation, Innovation”

Lesson 1: The production and circulation of knowledge

Lesson 2: Science and Technology, Promises and Challenges

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Theme 2: “Representations”

Lesson 1: Making your voice heard: Representation and participation

Study Line 2: Report information

Study 3

Throughout the year, you will be trained:

– Understand the information in audiovisual documents (TV shows, movies, etc.) in a real language

– Read long texts of various genres

– Address issues related to the contemporary English speaking world in its cultural, social, economic, political and geopolitical, scientific and technical aspects.

– Understand the explicit and implicit meaning of the documents to understand the issues and nuances.

What is expected of you

In your first year at LLCER English in Contemporary World, your main focus will be Progress in English In order to master the language. You have to create your own Ability to communicate And Work on your insurance So your Speaking is as simple as possible. So no more complicated, debating and lively presentations waiting for you!

But in addition to oral, you have to Prove yourself in writing. In the end, you can Write detailed, structured texts, Taking into account the context and the recipient (s). Level B2 is expected at the end of the premier class.

Furthermore, since this teaching emphasizes the contemporary aspect of the language, you have a Good understanding of the English speaking world And its inclusion in the contemporary world. So you need to be interested in these issues A rich contribution to your public culture.