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Project on Foreign and Regional English Languages, Literature and First General Cultures

LLCER What do you learn in English?

Teaching foreign languages, literatures and cultures In English Introduces students Diversity of literature and culture English speakers, by deepening their knowledge British and American worlds As well as Ireland and the Commonwealth.

If you appreciate literature, so much the better, because you have to read it.Play jobs in program and study excerpts Throughout the year. Provide special education Great room for other arts (Painting, photography, cinema and television series, etc.) as well History and Civilization, Social issues in relevant countries, institutions and key political figures. As you can understand, this will give you the weapons you need rather than complete teaching Understand English-speaking civilizations and enrich your public culture considerably.

Practice with our lessons and answers

Do a good review and put all the opportunities on your side, find everything Adjusted for subjects and General Bac and Technical Bac.

you can Free download, Enjoy!

Premier Year Plan

Class D Premiere is arranged around Two themes (“Fantasies” and “encounters”), divided into study areas. They allow students Explore diversity Literatures and cultures of the English-speaking world.

Theme “fantasies”

Lesson 1: Creative and Visionary Imagination

Lesson 2: Scary Imaginations

Study 3: Utopia and dystopia

Theme “Meetings”

Lesson 1: Love and friendship

Lesson 2: The relationship between the individual and the group

Lesson Axis 3: Conflict with Difference

What is expected of you

By the end of the premiere, we expect you to have one Ensure language skills (Expected level B2 at the first end) and a Understanding of English speaking culture.

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You will learn Develop your thinking, Written and oral, but yours Taste to read Because this special teaching aims to enhance the taste Read in a foreign language. You also need to know Argue, comment and critique. Continuous and interactive talk through discussions, interviews, debates and presentations will be an integral part of your curriculum.

Thus, all your language skills will work. You can decide (or not!) To keep this special in class. At the terminal.

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