May 22, 2024


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PS5 folders support 1440p resolution is part of the new beta update released today

PS5 folders support 1440p resolution is part of the new beta update released today

Sony announced a new firmware update today for PS5 beta testers that includes support for 1440p resolution, folders (named Gamelists on PS5), and a variety of new social features. Available for download now for beta participants, Sony plans to offer the update to all PS5 users later this year. As always, some of the features available during the beta phase may not enter the final release or see major changes.

PS5 Games Lists

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In the Games Library, you will now be able to create game lists of up to 100 PS5, PS4 titles. You can create 15 game lists consisting of titles you have on disc, downloaded digitally, and streamed. The same game can be part of multiple game lists, and you can give them all custom names. However, it is currently not clear if you can view these game listings directly from the PS5 homepage.

PS5 support 1440p

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On compatible computer monitors and TVs, 1440p can now be selected as the resolution. You will test this output locally if the game supports it. “Or if you’re playing a game at a higher native resolution like 4K, you might benefit from improved anti-aliasing through ultra downsampling to output up to 1440p.” You will find the option to activate 1440p in the screen and video settings.

PS5’s new social features

  • Share screen request
  • Join game notice
  • View profiles of new friends
  • Send stickers and voice messages in Game Base