July 14, 2024


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PS5 version: ps5-game-file-dumper (full game dumper)

PS5 version: ps5-game-file-dumper (full game dumper)

Creating PS5 game backups has been a surprisingly difficult endeavor for the PS5 hacking scene, with many games missing files and dumps generally being incomplete. Although most issues can be resolved manually, today’s release of ps5-game-file-dumper aims to automate the process further. Notably, the release comes with a step-by-step tutorial on how to unpack games.

What is a ps5 game dump file

ps5-game-file-dymper is a Python utility designed by Jeroendev (aka Nomadic), to help backup and create a backup of PS5 games. You’ll of course need a hacked PS5 to dump the files (and also to run the respective backups).

Credit for this utility is also given to EchoStretch

How to use ps5 dump files

From the primer:

### Steps for dumping game files
At This time it seems digital games and some physical games will work
**NOTE** PS5 SELF Dumper will only work on 4.03/4.50/4.51

1) Dump Game ( Opened Game ) /mnt/sandbox/pfsmnt

2) Dump Game Files (copy folder content (files and folders))
   /system_data/priv/appmeta/PPSAXXXXX/ -->> PPSAXXXXX-app0\sce_sys\

3) Dump Game Files (copy folder content) 
   /user/appmeta/PPSAXXXXX -->> PPSAXXXXX-app0\sce_sys

4) Open npbind.dat to see uds and trophy folder 000000080->04->0F

5) uds00.ucp ( named uds.ucp )
   /user/np_uds/nobackup/conf/NPWRXXXXX_00/uds.ucp -->>PPSAXXXXX-app0\sce_sys\uds\uds00.ucp

6) trophy00.ucp (named TROPHY.UCP )
   /user/trophy2/nobackup/conf/NPWRXXXXX_00/TROPHY.UCP -->>PPSAXXXXX-app0\sce_sys\trophy2\trophy00.ucp

7) Decrypt self files with sleirs ps5-self-dumper then copy files to game dir
   1) Download socat
   2) Place ps5-self-dumper payload in socat folder
   3) Open PS5 browser to Specter host
   4) Open windows cmd in socat folder and type both commands
      socat -u FILE:dumpgame.bin TCP:<ps5 ip>:9020
      socat -u -d -d -d TCP:<ps5 ip>:9023,reuseaddr OPEN:game.tar,creat
   5) Open game.tar and copy/replace files in PPSAXXXXX-app0

Download ps5-file-dumper game

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You can Download the utility via github repo.

the use:

python3 dumper.py <ps5 ip> <ftp port> <PPSA title_id> 

This will grab all the required files from the FTP including the NPWR files. They are placed in the script directory in a folder called dumps.

For example: usage python3 dumper.py 1337 PPSA02739

Source: via Eco Stretch