June 19, 2024


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PS5 versions: etaHEN 1.4b (CFW), ItemzFlow 1.05 (Launcher), PS5-Xplorer 1.0 (File Manager)

PS5 versions: etaHEN 1.4b (CFW), ItemzFlow 1.05 (Launcher), PS5-Xplorer 1.0 (File Manager)

The PS5 scene is moving at a rapid pace, following kstuff support for all the firmware that was added a few days ago. Today we're getting updates to LightningMods' two PS5 apps, etaHEN and ItemzFlow. In parallel, developer Lapy helped provide root access to the PS5-Xplorer.

ETAH 1.4 b

EtaHEN is basically the closest thing we have to CFW on PS5 right now, and it's the raw payload most of us are running on our currently hacked PS5. Version 1.4.b brings the following updates:

  • Lapy's Xplorer app is whitelisted
  • Fixed the elimination of PS5 game trophies
  • Fixed the complete configuration not being written when created
  • Added Testkit setting (testkit kstuff)
  • Added rest mode exit detection
  • Added support for 4.00, 4.02
  • Made the configuration notification appear after etaHEN information
  • Fixed some notifications to show etaHEN WM and not itemzflow
  • Discord RPC option added by
  • Check the FTP setting when you restart the servers
  • The daemon name has been changed to etaHEN
  • The crash log is now located at /data/etaHEN/etaHEN_crash.log
  • Added IPC dir delete command
  • Avoid deadlocks in check_addr_change
  • ShellUI patches will be applied after exiting rest mode
  • The command server now checks the rest mode status
  • Updated game cheats by illusion

You can Download etaHEN 1.4b here.

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source: LightningMods

Items Flow 1.05

ItemzFlow is a great complement to etaHEN's GUI, and is a nice-looking launcher for the PS4, PS5, and Homebrew apps. Basically it should be so. These are the changes for version 1.05:

  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to take a while on first launch
  • Fixed copying/moving/deleting of certain applications with a folder depth of more than 7
  • Added option to search for apps
  • Added the ability for the application to delete a corrupted database
  • Added PS5 disc icon for PS5 games
  • Fixed an issue that could cause stuttering when using themes
  • Added elapsed time for transfer and copy operations
  • You can now only put the IP address for NFS options if it is running Windows and using the default location/
  • Fixed an issue where it was not always detected if you were trying to copy to the same folder
  • Fixed the disk icon not appearing

A lot of people have been waiting for the app search option in particular, so I'm very excited to see it here

You can Download ItemzFlow 1.05 here

source: LightningMods

PS5-Xplorer 1.00 has been released

(Screenshot by Zikoxao)

Developer Lapy released a “proof of concept” version of the PS5-Xplorer a few days ago. With the help of LightningMods, he is now able to enable root access, bringing more functionality to this file manager for hacked PS5 devices. (You will need etaHEN 1.4b or higher to run PS5-Xplorer). Zecoxao reports that the FTP function and CPU temperature also work.

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You can Download PS5-Xplorer here

source: For my father