June 17, 2024


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“Published by the British Government (3)”

Great Britain, which is leaving Europe, is trying to provoke a confrontation with France over a number of issues, including the bill to be paid to European countries for fishing, immigration and leaving the Union. In the war with our country at least from 1202, in the conflict between the Captains and the Plantagenets, England first opposed the French Republic from 1792 to 1802. Bertrand Ferrer, a member of government, left power in 1794 and wrote many works, including his own. “Freedom of the Seas or English Government Issued” in 1798:

“… The only poison of the European Revolution is the English state; it is the constant enemy of peace and freedom.

For hundreds of years, it has provoked war against civilians and civil strife on the European continent. For a hundred years he plundered and enslaved; He hoards and oppresses; He insults and he corrupts; He cheats and he commands.

For a hundred years, such as 1692, 1704, 1740, 1756, 1780, he has given us the evils of war six times. All these scourges, the work of his turbulent and ambitious policy, he crowned with war. Ungodly and very cruel. Without a long and shameful punishment, a century of English tyranny has been imposed on our fathers and us; It still threatens our children … “according to Bertrand Ferrer.

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