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Quinine.  Notre-Dame School’s CM2 students graduate with a Cambridge Certificate in English

Quinine. Notre-Dame School’s CM2 students graduate with a Cambridge Certificate in English

For many years, Notre Dame Private School of Quinine (Morphine) has chosen to give a prominent place to learning English. Anne-Marie Cointo, director of the school, explains: Henceforth, English is taught from Junior Division to CM2 through Kokoro lingua method for PS, MS, GS and CP. This learning method includes weekly videos with fun activities with English-speaking children.

Recent training

In CE1 and CE2, students benefit from Emily Method (Integrated Foreign Language Teaching)It becomes the medium of language learning. Then, in CM1 and CM2, students prepare Cambridge CertificateIt is delivered by trained teachers.

On Friday, June 24, 2022, the graduation ceremony took place under a covered patio, the weather not allowing it outside. You are our second class of Cambridge graduates. You deserve c ar This is a recent development. Everyone has done their best according to their contribution. Students discover other cultures, especially English and Irish.

Each student is invited to receive a Cambridge Certificate, This attests to his position in English. You can continue this reinforced learning in college by enrolling in a European class”. Once all the students received their diplomas, they traditionally threw their hats.

Faculty in Malta in July

At Notre-Dame School, the entire faculty and staff of the Catholic Education Management Organization (Ogec) are involved. The application file submitted in January 2022 was accepted and the Notre-Dame school was selected to participate. Erasmus Move Up 56, A confederation of about thirty Catholic institutions (schools, colleges and high schools) in Morbihan.

The entire educational team (teachers from nursery schools and special agents) will travel to Malta from 17th to 23rd July where we will continue our English language training. Then, in 2022-2023, during the short school holidays, we will leave for a school observation in a Scandinavian country. Mentions the directorship underscoring the important investment of the faculty and Ogec staff.

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