March 3, 2024


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Quiz.  What is your English level?  Take the test!

Quiz. What is your English level? Take the test!

Are the French bad at English? According to the Preply study, Translate into English Subject to 135,000 monthly searches on Google. Translation of good morning Searched nearly 15,000 times Alphabets in English And Days of the week in English Used 8,100 times.

Speaking of days, it's a translation of Vyasa (Thursday) and Budhan (Wednesday), which are asked a lot in the search engine. March and July also seem to cause more problems.

Ten questions to test your status

What is your level in English? Maine Libre gives you the opportunity to test your level of English with a test of ten (rather easy) questions. What score will you get?

France ranks 43 out of 113 in English

An EF survey ranked France 43rd 113 countries and districts around the world (2.2 million people tested) for English level. It is far behind the Netherlands, which is number one in the ranking. But among the French regions, the Pays de la Loire does not perform badly, as the region ranks 4th behind Île de France, Brittany and Provence Alpes Côtes d'Azur. On the stage of cities, we find Grenoble, Rennes and Brest.

Mission of Ministry of National Education

Gabriel Atal's Ministry of Education Posted on December 15, 2023 A Circular and Draft Ordinance on Modern Languages. In France, strengthening students' skills in English and other compulsory foreign languages ​​is an educational priority of the Ministry of National Education and Youth.The circular explains. A clear priority should be set: by 2025, more than 80% of students should reach at least A2 in English by the end of 3rd grade, with B1 level as the target in at least one or two language activities..

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