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Record for Aidan O’Brien with Tuesday at the 41st English Classic and Epsom Oaks

Record for Aidan O’Brien with Tuesday at the 41st English Classic and Epsom Oaks

Aidan O’Brien, Man of All Records, attacked again this Friday on Epsom. At 52, he won his 41st English Classic title, thus becoming the most successful coach. With a nose, he beat his Phil John and bearded Goston’s favorite Emily Abzan, named Mars. Note that Minding and Empress Josephine have won the classic one.

Tuesday (in blue) Emily Abzan © Irish Times Sport stands up

Rarely, in 2022, in Oaks or Derby, will any of the horses that were in the beginning be the Gr.1 winner. After all, in this 2022 edition of Oaks, a candidate equivalent to our Brix de Dione was clearly visible. That was about itEmily AbzanA great Philly tutorial Goston Father and son climbed Frankie Tetori, Initially untrue. In this competitive race with 11 filies, the speed was not too much, forced Tetori Change his entire start straight. The big blue jacket when we thought she was off to a “Royal Canter” Tuesday. It was only on Tuesday that he put his nose in front of his competitor after a fierce fight and after exploring the photo finish.

After being hit by Carrax on Mars 2, Mars will not be seen again in Naz after 9 months. After winning the Virgin Girl, he will make a good impression on the 1000 Guinness of the New Market (Gr.1), by the time he finishes 2.e In its Irish version. For the story, Mars was born too late, because this June 3rd, she won this Oaks exactly on the 3rd.e Anniversary. Note also that with these 10e Coronation at Oax, Aidan O’Brien Enters a little more into the myth of world races. At 52, the brilliant Irish coach has won his 41ste Classical English, thus violating English John Scott 40 winners between 1827 and 1863. Coolmore’s record coach, one of the largest racing companies in the world Aidan O’Brien It is on track to recreate the history of racing and make its achievements almost invincible.

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Aidan O’Brien, Irish genius © Racing Post

He has one of the 10 wins he has achieved at this event MindingThe full sister of Tuesday, was in 2016. His other full sister Empress Josephine He also won a classic award during the 2021 Irish 1000 Guinea event. Their mother Lily Laundry Then one of the very few brethren in history who created 3 classic winners. Coolmore received 230,000 GNS per year, the latter was already a high-level winner, winning crowning shares and Matron shares.

Minding, Tuesday Sister © ThoroughbredDailyNews