May 22, 2024


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Red Dead Redemption has been pulled from all PlayStation Stores

Red Dead Redemption has been pulled from all PlayStation Stores

The protagonist of Red Dead Redemption aims at a pistol.

picture: Rockstar / Kotaku

If you ever stop creating a digital library of games, the original Red Dead Redemption It’s here to remind you that you might not be missing out after all. Rockstar’s 2010 open world western has just been removed from PS Now/Plus after six years. And as the industry moves to include more subscription and streaming services, it’s not likely to improve.

as the first Spotted by @videotech_ twitter news accountthe original Red Dead Redemption It evaporated from Sony’s PlayStation broadcast titles within PS Plus. Or not Listed in 2016 As part of the previously named PS Now service, Red Death It is notorious for having never received a remaster, despite the celebration it did and its zombie expansion. Sony’s streaming service has remained the only way to play the game on PlayStation devices after PS3. Players will now have to scavenge for a compatible Xbox console or dive into the waters of the simulation to enjoy John Marston’s beginning story.

Play the original text Red Dead Redemption With backwards compatibility on Xbox, it’s probably the most direct and best way to play it right now. the game Received an improved update On a Microsoft console a few years ago, upped the resolution to 4K on the Xbox Series X and 1440p on the Series S. However, I hope you can access a good physical copy if you don’t want the digital version, which is still only available in a storefront Xbox (Who can blame you at this point?). With an initial release date of 2010, scratches might be the least of your worries considering how sensitive aging DVDs are disc rot.

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For those who want to roll up their sleeves with a completely legal version of the game, RPCS3 offers a track To simulate the experience on a PC. For everyone else, it’s a reminder that sometimes sticking with the games you like is worth it. While we’d like to hope that these digital services we pay each month will maintain access to these games, today we’re issuing a reminder that those hopes can fade very quickly.

It’s as if these services are more about continuous revenue streams than preserving legacy. Hmmm.

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