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Reports, Private Education, Autism, English… What is the 2024 school year in New Caledonia?

Reports, Private Education, Autism, English… What is the 2024 school year in New Caledonia?

February 12 marks the start of the 2024 academic year in New Caledonia. NC 1st reviews its major and minor surges. Like the Asee network that disappears to be reborn in a scattered line, a lesser establishment in Nouméa, the first kindergarten class for autistic children, which opens in Mont-Dore, or this tenth bilingual school.

Instead it's back-to-school rain ! Stumbling back to school, not everyone starts over from day one.

But in some places it has been pushed back. In Hienghene, the school bus was canceled on Sunday 11 February and Monday 12 February due to bad weather. Therefore, Paï-Kaleone Public College postponed the start of its school year to Wednesday, before changing its mind: it welcomes boarders from 1 pm on Monday and returns to the college at 7:20 am on Tuesday. In Ponérihouen, the town hall has decided to adjourn for a week until Monday 19 February. He cites risks to water quality after heavy rains.

Havilah College in Lifo took this decision due to lack of funds : Funds do not arrive on time. Hence delay in supplies and especially non-stocking of canteen. It also serves as a central kitchen for half the students in the primary school. But had to start again in the first week.

The problem facing Havilah is linked to one of the key changes in this return: the disappearance of Asi. The School Alliance of the Evangelical Church was dissolved and each site had to create a new structure to allow its institutions to survive. A single network was replaced by eight companies :

  • Havilah School Alliance Association ;
  • Hnaizianu School Alliance Association, located in Lifou ;
  • Educational Association of the Eben Eza Establishment in Ouvéa ;
  • Maré Protestant Education School Association: Hnaran-Taremen ;
  • Northern Boaouva Galeba College Association, in Poum ;
  • Kamo Protestant School Association in Noumea.
March 12, 2023 for Catholic Schools in New Caledonian.

Beyond Asia, the entire private sector faced major financial and budgetary difficulties last year. On May 12 to the extent of throwing the large family of DTEC on the street. However, it educates one in four young Caledonians. “We were particularly apprehensive at the beginning of this school year, the state of private education.”Recognized Isabelle Champmoreau, in this Sunday's news. “We did a lot of work last year, with a discussion that restructured the funding.” A framework debate was adopted in Congress in November.

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Note that after twelve years, the diocesan director of Catholic schools has finally returned to the school. Karen Cazeaux said this last week on RRB Radio. He noted that there are 12,500 students this year, about 200 short.

Public and private combined, 63 495 students have been declared for this academic year. 32,500 in primary education and 30,500 in secondary education. The number of registrants, like every year, will be “consolidated” over a few days. Statistics released meanwhile show a marked uptick in middle schools and high schools and a steep decline in elementary schools. School population erosion has been a global trend in recent years and we know it will continue. This is related to the demographic evolution of Caillou (decline in birth rate, ageing), exodus from Caledonia and lack of migration.

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Domestic travel is also included : If this decline hits Nouméa hard, it is linked to the establishment of many families in the neighboring towns of Dumbéa and Païta. The country's main city is still losing primary school students, at a rate of at least 200 in general. So, he reorganizes the network of schools. Marguerite-Arzapin disappeared from the school landscape at the end of last year. Not so easy to access, but located in the rather old Rivière-Salé district, it had only a few classes and about 70 registered students.

Marguerite-Arsapin, one of the schools in Riviere-Salée, closed at the end of 2023.

On the other hand, in Magenta, schools were distributed to students to balance institutions. Near Numa-Dali Stadium, Christine-Poletti was collapsing. Well, she turned into kindergarten. In this area, there is a high reluctance to close schools as housing is provided or planned (former Magenta University, Mount Guégan, Sakamoto Valley). This year, Nouméa announces 7 740 children in its 46 public kindergartens and elementary schools.

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The Specialized Autism Institute, located in Robinson, will open a kindergarten class that will accommodate eight children with autism disorders. This first “UEMA” (Autism Nursery Education Unit) is located in the Jacques-Clavel school group near Isa. Teachers have two weeks of training to return to school on Monday, February 26. More broadly, Mont-Torre is maintaining its school population as the town hall estimates the number at 2. 662.

Across the Southern Province, public enrollment is estimated at 18 this academic year 473 students. This is a significant decline. Out of 92 schools, Serge-Laigle in Tina was selected as the tenth French-English bilingual institution this year. Sixteen teachers had to travel to Melbourne, Australia, to train groups of these schools.

“Dumbéa and Païta are still very dynamic areas, compared to stagnation in Mont-Dore and a significant decline in Nouméa,” Briefing Isabelle Champoreau, the member of the government responsible for the government. Dumbéa is no longer forced to build new schools. But with 4 Expect 700 children, compared to 4 631 counted in April 2023, which opens classes (three, at the Victorian-Barteau school in Cuteau, in Dambia-sur-Mer and in Delacharlery-Rolley, located in Apocody). A large but aging neighborhood, part of the small farms in Jacarandas.

James Cook International School is designed to integrate primary and secondary schools in Noumea.

Barriers, air conditioning… Societies report that many works have been done for this start of the academic year, but without major construction. Apart from high schools, there are no public colleges or even school groups. He said there is a visible shift in the private sector outside of contracts. James Cook International School, established in 2007, has relocated its “High School” section located in Dambia to re-connect with the primary school. EIJC's middle and high school students open a new campus in Noumea near Orbelinat Bay. In Boulouparis, we have to wait a little longer, but the college that its mayor Pascal Vettori had hoped for has now been announced. “In 2026-2027”Represents the municipality.

Houaïlou College should be the center of an experiment, as well as the schools attached to it. : An implementation “Academic Region”. Strengthening education and academic support for children and young people before, during, around and after school. A shared diagnosis is said to be underway.

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Do Neva Agricultural High School is located in Waa Wi Lûû, affected by the change in school alliance. “We must have reinforced support.”Prakash Ekhanadane assesses Directorate of Agriculture, Forestry and Environment State Service. “This year will be a challenging year because the situation has changed.”

Agricultural education, with 453 students and trainees in eight institutes, is enjoying “a very good start to the school year at Michel-Rocard High School” in Pouembo. : Commended results in baccalaureate and increase in number. Its operation is expected to become a model with the support of the Federation of Agriculture and Fisheries. The historic establishment is undergoing renovations this year.

Rayanne Sumioka, a student at the Michel-Rocard Agricultural High School in Pouembo, met Bourail for the exhibition.

Also, after Emmanuel Macron's visit in July 2023, there are plans to build an agricultural high school somewhere in the southern province, specifically in Mointo. No action was taken. New Caledonia's initial budget provides for a study to deepen the program, which is part of its goal of food autonomy.

Let us remember that the beginning of the school year is placed under the sign of tolerance regarding the common uniforms that are generally mandatory in all public schools. New equipment cannot be delivered before the Easter holidays due to lack of service provider. The province has resumed service under management. It plans to reopen online pre-orders in February. Meanwhile, students don't need to abide by the rule.

In this year's calendar, the Olympic Games were hosted by France in late July – early August. A sport in schools is fast paced. March 4th to 8th is School Sports Week. Olympic and Paralympic Week, March 25 to 29. Olympic days at the end of June… other dates to remember :

  • February 19 to 23 is Education Digital Week.
  • Time to file on Parcoursup until March 14th. April 4, deadline for confirmation of preferences.
  • July 1 to 5, week Journalism and media in school.
  • In July, the Sofip Exhibition in the Northern Province, the Seofip Exhibition in the Islands Province and the Higher Studies Exhibition at the UNC (Nouméa and Baco).
  • September is Maths Week and Languages ​​Week.
  • In October, the Chemistry Olympics.
  • and November 7, School Anti-Bullying Day.