June 18, 2024


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Rhodes: A tunnel to protect passers-by from the “English Tower”

The town hall is obligated to make this decision to protect the sidewalk.

In recent days it has not escaped anyone, wearing a safety net in the corner of the Tour des Angloys, Rue to Toot and Rue to Boskin. After being fitted with grids for a long time, prevent possible rock falls. But this is not enough. The townhall is actually forced to place a “tunnel” at the base of this tower, which is not very aesthetic, but reassuring.

He insists on explaining in a press release that, in defiance of himself, he is forced to do so. “This procedure is specified in the Municipal Order n ° AG 2021-0181 of February 18, 2021., following the refusal of the owners of the building to establish the so-called safeguards recommended by the legal expert.”

Also known as the Maison de Guitar, this 14th-century “Tour des Angloys” is listed as a historical monument from 1862, along with the Cathedral and Maison de Armagnac.

It is actually one of the oldest buildings in the city. “The shape of its tower shows the social upsurge of this family, which gave its name to an area of ​​Ru du Dut, formerly its name – Ru de la Guitarty – on top of it. Accused “, We explain in a document to the tourism office. “But no document justifies this name,” it is underlined on the Inheritance Services page. “Its coronation affirms the social quality of the owners. The twin windows, surpassed by four-lobed oculus, originally received a stained glass window and were designed by the Guitar family’s Code of Arts” Three Strips of Sand “ Record it in the first half of the 14th century “, Which is further mentioned.

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The tower has fallen into disrepair and is in a state of disrepair.