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Ridley Road, a dive into English Nazism in the 1960s

Ridley Road, a dive into English Nazism in the 1960s

Kennel + BBC airs a short series of 4 episodes of Ridley Road. A dip in the hidden face of England, a sinless explanation …

Such a beautiful family

A baby is playing with someone who appears to be his mother, and they are cute and smiling. Father, Colin Jordan, comes in, he smiles too, and then the 3 of them raise their hands in Nazi worship.
Live dive into the atmosphere of the series in London in 1962.
In Manchester, Vivian, a shy young Jewish woman lives quietly in her community and marries Jeremy, chosen by her parents. However, only Jack Morris, who mysteriously disappeared, has eyes. Convinced that he still loved her, she left her father, mother and aunt, a young family fleeing the camps, to face the boiling London of the 1960s. Without telling anyone, she changes her life. Awful fact.

London, the bustling city

Vivian soon discovers that Jake is an activist in the Nazi party, a violent group that physically attacks Jews and burns synagogues. Its leader, Colin Jordan, has a vicious fascination with young fanatics who dream of overthrowing British democracy and establishing Nazi rule there. Vivian discovers that Jake has infiltrated the MNS (National Socialist Movement) and informs the Jewish community before the deadly attacks; The police refuse to act. To reunite with Jack, Vivian changes her life, her name, her appearance and wins the trust of Colin Jordan, his wife, Christian Dior’s daughter – in – law Fran பிரான்ois Dior and their 5 – year – old son Paul, who were abandoned by his parents. She risks her life every day to avoid the deadly Nazi attacks on Ridley Road’s Jewish community and to fulfill her mission.

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Exciting series

Based on short series, 4 episodes, breathtaking suspense, facts and real characters, Ridley Road transforms fiction and fantastic archival films, especially the big Nazi rallies that took place in London in the mid-sixties; Soundtrack and bright colors confirm it. The indifferent police, while at the mercy of the fascists, show a hidden side of England far removed from the floral power and colorful atmosphere of the 60s.

With Ridley, 4 chapters of 52 to 55 minutes, with Agnes O’Casey, Tom Ware, Rory Kinnear, Nationality Great Britain Canal +.

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