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“Ris” was chosen as the English word of the year, but what does it mean?

“Ris” was chosen as the English word of the year, but what does it mean?

Some have, some have not: editor of the Oxford English Dictionary Designated as the word of the year 2023 Period slang (slang) “rizz”, appeared on the networks in 2022, and was popularized by a BuzzFeed interview with Tom Holland this year. First, Streamer Kai Senat And his friends used it to “eat some game » In terms of dating, but since then, the expression has become a shortcut for “charisma”, especially via TikTok, with the middle letter pronounced. [RIZZ] In English.

“Riz” especially hits:

-” Quick »: a Taylor Swift fan)

-” Eliminate influence »: Encourage a practice, especially in terms of environmental responsibility

-” Heat dome »: Dome of heat during summer heat waves

-” Brown flag »: Same as red flag, but for the sign of an annoying trait

-” Immediately »: Command given to artificial intelligence

-” situation »: When you see a person in a “relationship” without officially being a couple

-” Parasitic »: Relationship in networks between celebrities or influencers and their fans

Origin of “Riss”.

The phrase became popular on TikTok after Tom Holland's interview with BuzzFeed last June. “Oh I have zero rizzI have one rizz Size. My brother Paddy has it rizz final. I don't know, people just have to fall in love with me over time,” explained Zendaya's boyfriend, with whom she starred in the drama. spider man.

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Oxford University Press notes that the middle of a word, such as “riss” for “charisma,” rarely becomes common abbreviations, but it does happen from time to time. Like “fever” for “fever” or “fridge” for “refrigerator”.

Streamer Kai Senat explained on the set of No Jumper that he “disagreed” with the etymology of the shortcut for “charm”. According to him, “Riz” exists when a person is not attractive or attractive, but they are able to turn a bad situation around by being a “soft talker”.