April 23, 2024


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Roskoff.  The English return to Brittany

Roskoff. The English return to Brittany

After a gap of 18 months due to the cove, British ferry services between Roscoff and Plymouth have resumed. Armorica undertook the first cycle on March 29th. The joy and relief of the first traveler.

I am fine and very happy to be back in France. My husband’s parents live here, we have not been for two years, it’s a little long“Sarah is happy. Like more than 400 other British passengers, she has just disembarked from the Armoric.

Belinda and Andrew follow for a while, and they smile too. They have a house in Spaghetti. “We have friends here, we have family, we have not seen them for so long. This is difficult. We live in Plymouth and it is usually easy to get here“.

A section of life had previously resumed in the seas in Roskoff. Return to normal is still a long way off, but since this week, the recovery has been going well as all twelve ships of the Brittany Ferris Navy have returned to service.

Roskoff, without English, it really is not Roskoff

Marine Bernard, employee at Cafe Die Bear

In Roskoff, the resumption of traffic has made shopkeepers smile. Because Roskoff has been living with English tourism clients for over fifty years. But for two years the nerve had dried up. Traders feared the impact of Brexit on their business, but above all they suffered the effects of the Govt.

Nice to see the Englishmen again on the terraceMarine Bernard explains, the waiter at Cafe Die Bear. Last year there were few, but less than in previous years. Here, the English come for breakfast as soon as they leave the boat, which is a good part of the customers. In the morning, with the arrival of the boats, there were only Englishmen on the terrace. Roskoff, without English, it really is not Roskoff“.

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Traffic will increase until the summer, but Brittany Ferris has revised its forecasts downward. Breton expects 2 million passengers in 2022, far from 2.4 million in 2019.