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RUGBY.  In 2019, the former England player accused the 2003 World Champions of cheating.

RUGBY. In 2019, the former England player accused the 2003 World Champions of cheating.

Dean Richards says England cheated in 2003

In a documentary for British channel Talksport, former international Dean Richards Promised in 2019 England, the world champions, used cheating to switch players at will.

England used fake blood. The use of fake blood, cutting players, reopening wounds, faking injuries on the front line, and stabbing players with anesthesia continued throughout the tournament.

This information According to Dean Richards, coming directly from one of the players in the 2003 England squad, via Dailymail. An announcement immediately Former XV de la Rose coach Clive Woodward denied, This allegation was narrated by “Ridiculous''.

Dean RichardsThis name may mean nothing to you, but he is a former XV de la Rose player. He won two consecutive Grand Slam titles in 1991 and 1992. The third line played More than 300 matches with the team A team he captained was Leicester Tigers between 1982 and 1997.

Including his two tours with the British Lions in Australia (1989) and New Zealand (1993), his Three World Cups (1987, 1991 and 1995)Dean Richards was one of the biggest names in the England team.

Remember that after being Newcastle's director of rugby, he joined an English amateur club with a former resident of the Top 14: Carl Fearns. Passing Lyon and then Rouen, the 3rd line returned to England with the Falcons. He hung up his boots after playing twelve national matches with Carcassonne.

Bloodgate: The Blood Corruption

If the veracity of the statements is not verified or confirmed, the Dean Richards' statements caused yet another reaction. Firstly, after his playing career, the former No 8 coached in England (Leicester, Harlequins, Newcastle) and France (Grenoble) for over 20 years.

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During his coaching years, one event was particularly publicized when he was head coach Harlequins: Bloodgate.

In 2009 European Cup quarter-final against Irish from Leinster At the heart of the exciting match, Harlequins back-rower Tom Williams was replaced by New Zealander Nick Evans. Because a change is approved Tom Williams is injured, he is bleeding from the mouth And to go out.

After this meeting, the investigation revealed that the player was not injured, but it wasHe bit into a capsule of fake blood at his trainer's request. At that time the doctor was also a A small cut on the lip to simulate an injury. A Cheating to use the extra change by bringing back scorer Nick EvansTo open up a tense match that can be played with a kick.

Despite this simulation, Harlequins were beaten by Leinster and kicked out of the European Cup. The issue will be of great importance to English and world rugby. Tom Williams will receive a 4 month suspension. Dean Richards will be banned from professional rugby for 3 years. While in club formation, At that time the president resigned and the doctor was suspended from the profession for 2 years.

England's cheating intervention Dean Richards Some could see that as an argument to defend himself from what he has done in the past as a coach. teammates Johnny Wilkinson Certainly not a world title bought in 2003 to worry about, but English rugby has always been sensitive to this sort of thing since the Harlequins event.