June 16, 2024


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Rula Carbero’s English lesson in the United States in Spain

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Although the world knows her for her role in La Casa de Papal in Spain Ursula Corbero has been known since she was 19 years old And he came to our place at the right time every week with a series of physics or chemistry. Maybe this is because, as we watch her grow as an actress, her amazing show on The Tonight Show hosted by Jimmy Fallon received unanimous applause on social networks. Spanish pride Rare.

The perfect accent in English, her self-confidence in front of one of the celebrities on American television, her naturalness of telling the now-famous story with Madonna on the plane and her growing ability to be in the same place where thousands of stars took place certainly caught the attention of someone she admires, To see her mouth open, Twitter did not miss the chance to fall at her feet.

Name from this Thursday early morning Úrsula Corberó tops the list of trends. Millions of people retweeted a video of the Spanish actress describing how Madonna saw herself on a Los Angeles-Madrid flight parked in London, recognizing it and telling her how much she loved the series. Without her speaking:

However, not only did Corbero rise to the popular title due to the video, but it also summed up the thousands of reactions it expressed: National pride. The wave of proud tweets – following the tradition of valuing our people and, in turn, abroad – dusted off patriotic memes and their good adjectives. To be proud to be a patriot on the network.

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And so on “Perfect English” The actress’ interview was talked about throughout the day, but Twitter users also recalled her debut and hailed the success of the Spanish series in the United States, the stronghold of global movies.-United. Here are some tweets praising the Catalan column on NBC:

For his part, he shared many tweets about the show on Twitter, again showing his humility and excellent sense of humor.

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